Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nuttin' Honey

I knew that this would happen. I just didn't think this early on. I have been wanting to blog regularly now, but life hasn't allowed me my guilty pleasure. Argh.

Look at the list I had in my head......

I want to resurrect TWT (thousand word thursdays) cause that was just plain ol' fun, I want to give y'all updates on so many things including mommy dates (apparently I am a whore.....who knew?), more on the road recipes like this one, what ever happened to this job, update on the ol' post baby bod , new foods and fruits that I've tried, how these conversations have gotten a LITTLE better, many many more athena-isms and this one, and one of my favorites...this one.

I also have awards waiting in the wings from some of the coolest bloggy brethren.

Anyhow, I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I intend on coming back here very very soon!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Muffin Tops

This is not a pun(or bun as it will) or a catchy little post title so that I can talk about this

muffin Pictures, Images and Photos

no, no. I am actually talking about Muffin. Tops. The tops of muffins. These glorious little chubby discs (stop laughing) of love that I found at the bakery this morning.


Who thought of this? What person can I thank for this???? Do you know that I end up eating the bottom half of the muffin, just cuz? Just cuz?

"Just Cuz" calories are the worst. You don't really enjoy them and your feel somewhat obliged to eat them. Ugh.

Not now folks, I have found the answers to my superfluous calories (in the muffin category). Muffin tops.

Even Eggo got wind of the discovery

Now we need "Cookie Middles", "Cake Corners", "Pizza Slice Tips", "Brownie Ends", and "French Onion Soup Tops"...whoops, I guess that would be "melted cheese".

What are your favorite foods that have superfluous calorie chasers?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

She's a brainiac, brainiac on. the. floor.

and she's spelling like always spelled before..

I have a junkie on my hands. A spellaholic as it will. Everything needs to be spelled for my 4 year old. She is obsessed with trying to spell, spelling outloud, spelling on paper, spelling while on the move, in the car, walking. Asking the people in line ahead of us, asking waitresses, the cashiers.

She wants to spell words on the computer, on my phone, uses puzzle pieces to spell words, spaghetti, blueberries. It's like the tootsie roll commercial where all they see are tootsie rolls. Well, Athena only sees letters and their ability to be combined and make sounds and stuff.

I know I am no help, though. I have always shown them what they would be eating for lunch/dinner and I have taken a blank sheet of paper and written "rice", "carrot", "fish" or "domino's", (oops, did I just let out a bams dirty little secret?).

Numbers are her gig too. She can count up to 200+ and then she can count in tens and only tell me the numbers that end in zero. This folks is her dad. He's what we like to call "an egghead", the sexiest and most adorable egghead around, but an egghead nonetheless.

Really though, she an an innate love of learning and we can only be proud. It is exciting to see her excited about it. Soooooo in conclusion....

My blog, my brag, right? :) It's the way of my people.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oreo Kidding?

Actual conversation with my new 4 year old (if you know her, you'll be nodding throughout)

aba- Momma, I want a snack.
me- what do you want?
aba-a cookie, the circle ones that have the letters o-r-e-o on it.
aba- no, o-r-e-o
me- yes, yes, babe, I was kidding, yes, oreoes.
*I hand her a couple of oreoes and leave the bag out*
aba-momma? I need milk to eat my cookies.
me- you want juice instead? We ran out of milk this morning.
aba- No (looking at me confused). Look at the directions. See?
me- directions?
aba- the big cookie is making a big splash with milk. I need some milk.
me- babe, you'll have to make the cookie make a big splash with juice because we have no milk.
aba- oh. but juice is not in the directions.
me- I have graham want graham crackers?
aba- yes (as she hands me the untouched oreoes)
me- here you go (handing her the graham crackers)
aba- can you get me the box? with the directions.

Oreo Cookies and Milk Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What Christmas?

I have just taken any/everything related to/resembling/associated with/thinking about Christmas down. It was awesome. Cathartic.

Now, I don't think my 4 year old thought it was so grand. I had woken up and had my gonna-get- my- house- in- order look and said to her "can you help me put the ornaments back in the box" she cocked her head to the side and said "why?" and I said "because christmas is over". She began to tear up and talk about Santa, and cookies and snow and gifts and wanting to keep the tree up and "what about the star?? can we keep the star?". I actually felt terrible after listening to her. But, being the a-hole that I am, I was like "sorry, Christmas is over. This will all be back next year. If you're good" lol. <------in my head. Michael took the dead tree to get recycled. Hauled the thing throughout the house leaving a trail of pine needles. fun. Next year, I am going to go ultra "green" and rent a real christmas tree. Serioulsy, it's all the rage in Canada. Look here

Anyhow, back to my beautifully, uncluttered house. I sound so "ba humbug" but, I am no Scrooge, by any means. A whole month of "stuff" is too long, though. I am happy to have my Living room back. God, I am Scroogey.

Oh and all of the foods that I ate this holiday. Ridiculous. Everything was chocolate, creamy, mint/spice/ginger flavored, baked, decorated, in little bags, in trays, in the console of my car (oops, did I say that outloud). Glad to be done with all of that indulgent eating too.

Now, back to the gym, back to portion contro-hol (in Prince's singing voice), vegetables, etc. All of this work to be able to start the cycle all over again next Oct 31st, which is when my hibernation begins. It is lovely, but all good things come to an end.

Ok, I see pine needles that need to get cleaned up. I guess I will put "Polar Express" in the dvd player for my 4 year old that I can still hear muttering to herself.