Thursday, December 31, 2009

Low Down

Right, so we've been busy. As you have been. It's the holidays, anything less would be weird. On top of being busy, we have had *snooze* dial-up *snooze*. You might as well have attached a blog post to a carrier pigeon and sent it on it's way.

Sigh of relief.....we now have a wireless "hot spot" in the house and my life is so much "faster". The problem with all of this is that we have had really important things happen since I last posted.

In an attempt to get caught up...I will just do a little, late 2009 "round up" so to speak...

  • this beautiful daughter just turned 4

  • this beautiful daughter will soon be 2

  • this house was bought

  • two weeks later, we had a housewarming party, here

  • spent and celebrated Thanksgiving in North Carolina with our Cuban family(insert wonderful pictures of family, home cooked food, conversations, laughing and warmth with parents, sister, cousins, aunt and uncle and my abuela!!!!!)
  • spent and celebrated our Christmas in Panama City Beach, Flahrida with our Canadian family(insert windy and cold beachy pictures of family, food, conversations, laughing and warmth with nan-nan, grandad, uncles, aunts and sweet sweet cousins!!!)
  • we drove to said destination (11 hrs) with both girls. saylor riding rear facing too. having fun yet? Athena- "Momma, why (insert everything here), what (insert everything here), where(insert everything here), when (insert everything here)" and say the entire thing over 500 times. Then you would get a feel for the drive over. Rinse and repeat for the trip back.
  • we drove back from said destination (11 hrs) with both girls. saylor riding rear facing too. still having fun? Michael has the audacity to ask me, whilst IN THE CAR, if we should take a road trip to Orlando to go to Disneyworld in early 2010. Are you having an embolism, babe? That is like asking a woman IN LABOR when she is going to have her next kid.

I probably think about blogging once a day but just could not get my shite together. I look forward to being able to post again and much more frequently.

Soooo, Happy New Year and remember to stick to your new year's resolution

......mine will be blogging, part deux.