Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Silent Ode to Baby Legs

Well sort of......

Every single time I put these on Saylor, I sing this song. Every single time.

She wears them a lot.


Happy Thousand Word Thursday Y'all.

Happy Commenting :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oompa Loompa's Pyramid

Ever since I started at G spot (a mere week ago), I have taken this new view on the food groups. Incredible how I have been able to incorporate chocolate in them all throughout my day. I work a couple of evenings a week (I started a freakin' week ago). I have managed to taste many flavors and to take home the fruit that they will discard.

It's not just me, but Athena has had a chocolate covered strawberry for breakfast everyday this week. What sort of chocolate elitist am I raising here? *sigh*

My pyramid looks a little something like this.......

Protein-Macadamia Mosaic, and Almond Bark
Dairy-Caramel Embrace (and it sure does feel like a hug)
Vegetable-Pumpkin spice Truffles
Fruit-Chocolate dipped Strawberries, Key lime truffle, mixed berry basket, and glazed apricots.

I *think* the top of the pyramid says Fats, Oils, and Sweets, Don't Spare Usage.

Lord, please let me tire of chocolate soon.

If not, there will be a spare tire embracing my middle.


Pretty Please?

With a Cherry Cordial on top?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 Thousand Word Thursday (2TWT)



Sorry for posting two of them. I couldn't decide. Hey, I heart 2 girls ya know ;)

Post what you think these subjects are saying/thinking

Happy Captioning! and Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New J.O.B.

As most of you know (especially the oldies but goodies), I applied, interviewed, accepted and started a part time job at Godiva Chocolatier last night. Needless to say that I romanticized this idea, to the hilt. I said, "I will be working a couple of nights (6-9pm) a week, mingling with customers, talking about truffles and having some 'adult time'".

WTF was wrong with me? It is a job. However you slice it.

I got there and was greeted by two (mental note *do not give blog address to coworkers*) aprons named "Da Homey" (yep, I'll wait.) and Ginnifer. I was "taught" (I use this word loosely) how to tie ribbons on boxes, food safety rules (you know, gloves on, gloves off), how to sort chocolate, where the garbage was, and where the stock room was.

Where was my mingling with customers, my guffawing with truffle jokes, my discussions about technique and origin, my personal favorites disclosures, where was the hype I had created?

I was asking so. many. questions. (I am VERY INQUISITIVE by nature. This is the primary reason for having become a psychotherapist in the first place...people pay me to ask questions?....where is the sign up sheet?) I got this weird look from them. Like..."why the hell are you asking so many questions is a JOB". I then made the mistake to ask an apron why she decided to work there. She shrugs her shoulders and said, "they were hiring" and "I like sweets so I applied". Ok, fair enough.

I think they hate me. I made the analogy earlier to some friends about me being that older lady in the front row in your college classes. You know the one. The one that answers all of the questions the teacher asks, does the extra credit, optional readings, etc. I use this analogy not b/c I am old but b/c I have that second wind. I have grown to have work ethic and to care about what I am doing. I have also "chosen" to work. So, yep, they hate me.

Anyhow, I won't bore you about the rest of my night. I did however have quite the smile as I was mopping the floor thinking that the lady who cleans my house just did this today. I wasn't even going to tell my husband about this. I guess it's too late now. I think he reads this jibberish :)

I know this was only the disillusion of my "idea" of how it would go. I do look forward to working again believe it or not. I enjoyed being looked at like a real woman and not just a mother and all of the assumptions that are rolled into that. I do look mighty cute in that apron if I may say so myself. Oh wait, it's my blog, I can :)

I do have to say that it was all made better when I was handed a tray of chocolate dipped strawberries upon my "shift ending" because they were going to throw them away because they were there for 6 hrs. Um. Yes, please.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Evening Wood

What did you think this post would be about?

Michael and I had an adult outing the other night. It was great. We were invited by our friend, to her husband's exhibit, at their home.

Omar is an artist that works with wood. I won't post much more about materials and process because I don't want to make it seem less fabulous than it was and I know I will just splotch it up if I was left to my own descriptors. Check his website out!!!!!!!!!

His stuff was beautiful and incredibly sexy. What a talent. Seriously, if we had two pennies (maybe a few more than that) to rub together and we didn't have a 3 year old and 1 year old that perpetually have a crayon/marker/pencil attached to their hands I would soooooo be buying his art.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Fling Winner?

"Lucky" Official Video With Colbie Caillat

Hi there everyone!!!!!!! In honor of St. Patrick's day tomorrow, I posted one of my favorite songs as of late!!! And of course this song cleverly ties into the Spring Fling Winner of the 12 glorious pieces of GODiva chocolate box.

I have soooooooooo enjoyed reading all of your comments and I didn't realize how many of you adored chocolate. I wish I had more chocolate to give away. Srsly. The good thing is that now I know that this is a stellar idea for giveaways which will happen often! They are so much fun.

Are you feeling lucky?

After tabulating all of the entries. Putting it in a spreadsheet. Cutting up the papers into little strips. Placing the strips into my cowboy hat (Texan much?). I pulled out our winner. I was going to youtube all of this (like I did the mami skin care post) but quickly realized y'all didn't really give a damn how it was done, just that it was you or wasn't you. Know that this technique was followed by the letter of the law and no animals were harmed during the picking of this winner (now children are a different story).

Without Further Freakin' Ado......

That Godiva Chocolate Box Winner is.......

nikkicrumpet at Blah, Blah, Blah, blog. Please go and find her and let her know you're *happy* for her ;)

No really, now that I have the part time at the joint, I will having many more giveaways for you! I am excited.

Anyhow y'all, thanks for playing and happy blogging!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thousand Word Thursday (TWT)

First of all...whew. Spring has flung at SITS and I am exhausted. What great fun it was. I am loving all of the new blogs that I have gotten to read and I love that there were so many awesome visitors to mine.

I also wanted to add that I will be choosing (by old school know, putting everyone's names on strips of paper and pulling out of a hat) this Monday (the 16th) to give people an opportunity to enter and to become a the kool :)

Task at hand...TWT. This is something I came up with to , well, entertain myself really. It is a game where you tell me what the subjects were thinking or saying.

Examples are here, here, here and here. It is my favorite day of the week.

Have fun :) I know I will.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Fling!!!!

The sits girls are at it again with their awesomeness. If you don't know who the sits girls are shame on you. Srsly.

This time they have gotten all interactive and stuff. Not only are they giving away a prize every hour!!!!! but, they have encouraged and linked up members to do the same!!! So what that means is that if you check out all of the links posted on their site, chances are you'll win something or at least be introduced to some stellar blogs. And yes, the girls I heart will be neglected today. All in the name of giveways :)

What is my contribution you ask?????????????

My giveaway (as supermommy called it) is a godiva truffles box (this one..the 12 piecer). Yep, you read right...GODiva. Oh and to my avid readers....yes, I got the part time job. Yay for me :)

Back to the task at hand, How do you get a chance to win you ask?????????

Leave Comment, 1 entry
Follow this blog, 3 entries

Easy Peasy.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy all of the possible winnings and all of the new blogs.

Hip Hip Hooray for SITS.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This really takes the cake.....or the potatoes.

When I first had children I never realized how having them could change every fiber and facet of my being. It changed me physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, perceptually, and thoroughly. So many aspects and habits and rituals changed for me, for us. Today though, really takes the cake. I am impressed or ashamed, even for me.

I have two daughters. They are in two car seats. When we arrive at a place...any place, it is a big deal. I either wear the little one and grab the big one's hand, or both go in the shopping cart, one goes in the basket and one in the cart, well you get all of the variations of this combo. The point always remains the same though, it is a hassle to do it, so you better make your car exit count. Well, I am foreshadowing a bit, but I would like to add some background history. I went grocery shopping two days ago. I got everything I needed. So I thought.

Apparently the potatoes at my house were growing sprouts. We use them mostly for that curry dish that we adore. Michael had specifically asked me to make it for dinner because he had a hankering for the dish. As a good domestic goddess *cough*bullshit*cough*, I oblige. Well, there weren't any potatoes for our dish. I said, "forget it, I'll go to the grocery store with the girls".

We go out and meet some friends at a park and we have a picnic and have a great time. I over extend the girls b/c we are having said fun. As any parent knows, your child could be the carefree, happy go lucky, commercial child and then turn on you. A complete 180 degree turn, in a flash. This, my friends is exactly what happened. Both girls lost their shit in the car on the way home. It dawned to me to stop at the store to pick up the damned potatoes, but, then I QUICKLY talked myself out of it.

Do you know what I did instead?

I drove through Wendy's and picked up 4 baked potatoes for the dish. 4 of them. Not only did I pay 1840's Irish prices for them at $1.29 a piece!!!! but I couldn't actually believe I was doing it. I was quite chuffed with myself and I immediately thought of how I needed to blog about it. I needed to confess and purge myself of this.

1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato......Frosty?

Happy Thursday Y'all,

Be back next week for thousand word thursday :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Go Diva!

5 Benefits of Dark Chocolate

  • Studies have shown dark chocolate to lower blood pressure
  • Studies have also shown dark chocolate to lower bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • It turns women on more than a passionate kissing session (no wonder they want it for Valentine's Day!)
  • Contains serotonin, a natural mood-boosting anti-depressant
  • Stimulates pleasure-inducing endorphin production

Reading this you can this be true? How could the oompa loompas and Willy been right all along? Really, this list triggers a bunch of questions right?

Well let me share a story that will show you how truly committed I am to my health.

I was at our fabulous mall the other day. I was with a girlfriend and just strolling in and out of stores. It was nice, I had only one of the daughters that I heart with me so it was quite manageable. We meandered into the chocolatier named Godiva. What a great place; it smells and looks divine. The truflles are precisely placed within the glass case with the utmost of care, making them look more like jewelry and less like "just" chocolate. The gold boxes and ribbons strewn about are very inviting and just scream luxury and decadence. I start to chat it up with the sales girl and and begin to discuss chocolate and flavors and the such. All of a sudden (don't know if it was the endorphins running amuck), almost as if it was an out of body experience I ask her "are you hiring"? She smiles and says, "why, yes we are". She continues and says "only for part time though. I am looking for someone just a couple of nights a week". I smile wider and say "may I have an application please?" I take it and put it in my purse. As I walk out of the store, I realize that I could potentially be working there.

I get called for an interview the day I turn in my application. I excitedly agree and set up the time. I get dressed for the interview and try to get my head around what questions they will be asking. Thoughts run through my head...I have not worked for the past 4 years,....when I did work it was in mental health and in management....I only worked retail for a few years in college. I feel like I am a bit rusty. I go to the interview anyway.

We were enthralled in conversation and the interview felt like it was going great. I didn't realize how many many skills are transferrable. I also had to use examples from Mommy groups and Blazing Cheesecakes to complement my "tell me a time when you..." examples.

We wind down our convo, she seems happy with the way it went, she asked other pertinent questions like availability and stuff. I say that I am willing to work a couple of nights a week. I start to think that Michael will have to do the dinner/nighttime routine by himself and then I feel bad for him. Then I quickly remember that I would be missing out on the chaos and fun. Then I remember that I will be missing out on the chaos and fun.

I hope I get the job ;) It will be fun to mindlessly sell chocolate and all of the benefits of it :) Of all of my ideas though, I do find this to be one of my most awesome, brilliant, and superb AND moronic, nonsensical, and imbecilic ones. Being around chocolate, and not just any chocolate, Godiva chocolate. Tasting and "training" on all the different types and flavors. Sampling, "learning".

I should have found a job at the gym, or nutrisystem or Jenny Craig.

Oh well, IF I get the job, I will surely let you all know how it is going.