Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I may or may not have gotten looked at today like the mom on the cover of Time.  You know the one.  I mean, granted, I was not breastfeeding, but, apparently something almost as "odd".......carrying my kid.  

Now, to be fair, my "kid" is 4.  She is tall and weighs about 40 lbs.  She was feeling feverish and sick today and asked me to "wear her, in her old Saylor purse".  Of course,  I obliged.   I mean, what am I, a monster? <----------foreshadowing a bit.

Well, we were all over the house doing all sorts of things together as I wore her.  Not great for the ol' back, but it was cool when she said   "wow, I feel so cozy".    I needed to go to Costco to buy more shit for my house and she had asked me to take her "purse" with us.  Again, obliged.  "I'm sorry it hurts your back momma, but, I really want to be carried".  Again...monster?  nope.  

This is what I actually looked like

And this is what people apparently thought I was carrying in my sling.

Omg.  The looks that I got were hilarious.  People didn't know what to do with themselves.  They barely made eye contact, like I was wearing a name tag that said 
"Hello, My Name is Medusa".

Ha, I don't think it helped my cause that Saylor wears a size 11 running shoe, was reading (aloud) the signs at the store, and was holding a water bottle, my keys, my wallet and my phone in the sling with her....and handed me the correct AMEX to give cashier.  

The coup de gras, you ask?

I was wearing a pair of shoes that looked an awful lot like these.  

I'm telling you.....people did NOT know what to make of us.