Monday, May 31, 2010

Bloggy Break, explained

Yes, it's been a month. No, it's not ok. I think about my little blog all of the time and things I want to say, things I don't and things I wish I could :) I have ideas I want to share, stories I want to tell and retell, and curse words I want to use with the caps lock on. But, I do none of the above. I also up the ante and bitch about it.

What I have decided to do is to blog old school. The way I used to when I started. About everything. And Nothing. No holds barred. Anything that popped into the ol' noggin (I wrote pooped first and contemplated not fixing the typo). Like when I started back in May of 2008 with my inaugural post, when I became a brunette, this post, and this one and 150 others (I'll spare ya) :)

So, starting asap :) I will just rant and rave about all that is important, ridiculous, mundane, exciting, hilarious, sexy, and fun, TO ME. I know that I just need some free time and a computer to make it happen. I vow to make that much more often. I actually use this as my only creative outlet these days, so it behooves me to do this. If not, I cook or garden....neither of which I do well.

See ya on the flip side.