Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mushy Post

Mother's Day has come and gone this year.  It has always been that this is the day that you show and shower your own mother (or mom-like figure) in your life with adulation and love.   It was no different this year.  The only thing was that this year, I have begun to feeeeeel differently about what mothering/parenting is all about.  I also have this growing respect and reverence to my own  mother.  It's like, you know you love your mother and always have, but, now its like you share this experience with her.   How can I manage to love my mother more after becoming a parent?  Weird, right, but, you just can't believe that your mother loves you like you love your children.  It's an immeasurable, immense, full body kinda love. 

I think each year you grow in your parenting and seem to become more sure footed about certain things.  My poor first born, is still our beloved guinea pig though.  She gets our first go around with a topic or situation, but, we also feel more confident that we can handle things.  Our focus has turned somewhat away from her physical needs and shifted more to her emotional/character/morals/ and relationship needs.  The cool thing is that it seems my 3 year old is riding the 5 year old's draft.  So what was a huge deal for us when Athena was 3, isn't such a big deal with Saylor at 3.  We're more relaxed and therefore, easier to see things that are actually important and those that aren't.

I wanted to thank my daughters for being perfection.  I am honored to co-parent them.  I am lucky that they chose us and that we get to experience them.  I want to thank Athena for making me a mother, and for Saylor who complements and completes our family.  And, I want to thank both of them for making me WANT to be a mother. 

Finally, I want to thank you mom, for before, now and for whats to come.

Told you.  Mushy post.