Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Epi(scream like a banshee)Lady

I was in bed and having a slight bout of insomnia and the thought of the epilady comes to my mind. I didn't want it there but it was there and it lingered around for a while.

I was remembering how badly I wanted this little machine. It was the bees knees back in middle school and I had it on every "wish" list I could muster.

One Christmas, I finally receive the epilady and thought it was so cool.

I was so cool.

I mean come on, I had the power of an electric hair removal system in my hand. It looked smart, it was ergonomically designed to feel smart and the commercial was awesome. I was so stoked, I pulled up my pajama pant bottom and looked at my hairy leg. I was so excited to (in a circular motion) to remove my unwanted hair.

*******This thing was barbaric.*******

I did not know about wine and percocet at age 12, but, I think you truly would need this when using. The pain (to me) was enormous. For those of you who don't remember (or have blocked out of your memory), this thing had a coil like this...

and it would rotate around and "catch" the hairs and pluck them out for you. It was like a tweezer on a treadmill (not sure how that would work, but you get where I'm going). You went too slow you would be in agonizing pain, you went too fast you would just graze over your hair. Moving the rotating spring across the skin caused the hairs to be "caught up" in the spring and pulled out the hair. Ugh, I cringe just remembering that thing.

I used it for a good 34 seconds and promptly put it back in the box and swore I would try again. I had to. It was an epilady folks. I knew I needed to use after bath or shower, pull skin taught, start slowly, go in direction of hair growth (did this even matter), and use moisterizing cream.

I never touched the thing again.

I was terrified.

That thing sat in it's box with all of it's bells and whistles forever. I have no clue what ever happened to that epilady, I just know that I hope some of you remember this and can share your experiences with me.

You do remember right?

I need to go to sleep.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Two Thousand Word Thursday (on a friday)



Sorry, I couldn't get to the computer yesterday to play TWT on time :(

Comment on what you think the subjects are thinking or saying.
You can do both, either or neither.

I love two.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FB etiquette

There has to be some rules, somewhere. I swear, I feel so old and not "with it" when I am on facebook. The funny part is that everyone else is as old as me and probably less with it, kwim (know what I mean...for those of you less cool).

It is a place where you want to be you but realize that most of these people don't really know you because you have befriended half of North America. You have to censor your comments, remarks and pictures b/c there are ALL SORTS OF people on here. So when you are commenting on your "friend's" pictures and you really want to drop the f bomb (because it really is the right expletive) you don't b/c you don't know if this person has their mother, father, children, co workers, bosses, children, teachers, babysitters, in laws, etc etc etc on their friend list. This personal and professional site is a tough dance for me.

Now the actual procedure of "Friending" is where I get super frazzled. Let me walk you through it. I get a friend request from someone. There is no message attached to the request. I either 1. just know who you are because you went to school with me, 2. are a friend of a friend that I went to school with, 3. realize that I have met this person ONCE, or 4. have no clue who you are. I have a hard time with each of these. First off, would it kill any of you to put a little message on the friend request? I mean a short "great to see you on here" or "met you at the playground last tuesday" or "used to work with you ten years ago...I sat down the hall in a whole other department....but I want to be your friend on facebook". You know, something like that.

Secondly, why do you want to be my friend anyway? We didn't really care for each other in high school or college, why would it be different now? Or, I don't even know who you are. All of this promiscuous friending can lead to weirdness later. And if you are desperately trying to get to a "number" of friends to feel good about yourself or to feel popular, you are truly jacked up.

When I DO befriend you, you never write me, or comment on my pictures, or my status. What is the point here folks? Are you an acquaintance, lurker or snooper? This should be coined so. I would be ok with this b/c at least I would know what to expect from our "friendship".

All of the requests for pokes, games and trees and hugs. I don't get them, I don't play them. I don't really care what kind of cleaning detergent you are, ice cream flavor, which song you are, or what drink you are. Aren't all of you supposed to be working? I am a sahm, I am expected to be on the computer all of the time. These things make me laugh and I also laugh at the typos (grammatical and spelling) involved by the authors of the quiz.

All in all, I do happen to LOVE facebook. Most of it anyhow. I have just always pondered these questions and have wondered if any of you have too and what you have done about it. Are you "accept" happy or "ignore" happy.

Anyhow, as always, I have found a video on you tube to illustrate my point (or lack thereof).

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thousand Word Thursday (TWT)

It's thursday again!!!! Wow does time ever fly by when you get old.
Thousand Word Thursday- Caption picture and what you think subjects are saying/thinking.

Thank you for your support (in a bartles and james way)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thousand Word Thursday (TWT)

Thursday already? Yikes, this week has flown by!

Ok, so it's TWT and I have gone old school. This is Athena with her old bff Aidan. *sniff*

Comment on what you think the subjects are thinking/saying.

Happy Thursday (and holiday friday)!!!!!