Monday, April 20, 2009

My IRL Conversations (while children are awake)

Me Karen(names changed to protect the innocent) and the girls

"Hey, nice to see you Karen...what's going on"?

"Keep it down Athena, remember momma said to be quiet while she talks to Karen".

"Yeah, good to see you again. How is Kaitlyn"?

Athena says...."excuse me momma. excuse me momma. excuse me momma. Can we go in there?"

No, we can't go in there Athena. "waa, waa" Saylor, hold on baby, I will find your bottle in this purse.

"So, what's up Karen"?

Yes, we can go in there Athena. Listen, did you say hi to Kaitlyn? Say hi. Thank you.

"Oh Karen, Kaitlyn looks so big. How is she"?

Saylor is toddling around, aimlessly and I am nodding and trying to maintain eye contact with said friend as I walk backwards with my knees bent toward the baby. When I finally catch her, I attempt to carry her and her 25 lbs of love and realize that she is lunging off of me.

"Did you want to sit down somewhere so we can chat"?

Saylor is snotty so I pull out the boogie wipes to give her a wipe and then athena wants a "drink".

"So, how are you Karen"?

Athena wants to play with whatever Kaitlyn has and tells on her saying that she doesn't want to share. Karen intervenes rapidly talking to Kaitlyn about sharing and the need to let other children play with her stuff...yadda yadda.

"they love that toy don't they? It's a favorite around our house too"

"hey, so, fill me in on your life, friend"

by this time 30 minutes have gone by, athena needs to go potty, saylor is whiney and wanting to run into oncoming traffic, they don't want the snack that I packed for them (that they loved yesterday), and the other mom is going through the exact. same. thing. on her end.

We look at each other and *sigh*. We talk about getting together without the children so that we can have a continuous, non-fragmented conversation, and so that we can actually find out HOW THE OTHER IS.

This is the secret to Moms Nights Out. It is really to finish the 37 conversations that we start at the playground, playdates, zoo, museum, etc..


Aubrey said...

Wow. Sounds like my life. Everyday.

Thank God for MNO!

Becca said...

Yep...I'd have to agree...sounds like my conversations too. IDENTICALLY!

Alex the Girl said...

Ah ha. That could be one of my conversations.

ModernMom said...

Hi just stumbled across your blog and had to comment!
This is exactly how all Mommy conovo's go! Too cute :)