Monday, March 29, 2010

Are all mommy hobbies created equal?

I met a fellow mom the other day. We were discussing, this, that and the other. I was nodding my head and we were agreeing with each other. "The challenges...", "the sacrifices....", "finding time for me...". Y'know, stuff us moms chit chat about.

*her phone rings*

"Oh it's my dance teacher", and I say, "wow, how cool, a dance teacher. What are you taking?" She says Latin Dance from this incredible Russian instructor. She says "They are the best at it. His wife and him are fantastic". I continue to ask about the dance teacher. I like to hear about fun, active things out there. I ask how often she takes classes from him and she says twice a week. So, I ask for his number b/c I would love to be able to do this too. It sounded like loads of fun.

She says, "214-555-1212". "A dallas transplant, huh?" I say. "oh...he's in Dallas". Puzzled, I say "Dallas? Like, almost-4 hrs-away-Dallas, Dallas? "Yes, she answers, I just love it. It is such a break". Me clarifying "So, you drive 4 hrs each way, twice a week, to meet with your Russian dance teacher for lessons?" No, she says, I fly there, it only takes 30 minutes. I chuckled and said "wow, that's great". Me clarifying "soooo, you get on a plane, go to take your lesson and then get back on the plane and come home?"

of course not, I stay the night at a Ritz Carlton.

then I just straight up laughed and said "that is just plain awesome".

Next time I feel like I am unwinding and escaping at the Color Me Mine pottery studio, I'll make sure to remind myself of this ditty.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friend of mine, swear2god.

What are your thoughts???


Anybody in mind for her?

Would you do this?

Good Luck Tiffany!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trippin' with my homeboy

We have a Cross in my house, and it isn't like up on the wall, but in this "hole" in the wall (wow...can you tell that architecture is my gig). We also have stairs in my house. Two small sets of stairs. Up, then a little landing, up again, room. We are always saying to the girls..."be careful, don't dance/play/jump/hop/skip/roll/push/pull/ on the stairs. They have never fallen or even tripped on them. I don't want to jinx myself, but 'tis true.

Yesterday, I was happily coming down the stairs, with my drink in hand (first one I might add) and I was just walking down. I (apparently) took a misstep, contorted my body (drink in hand), held on to Jesus Christ, (didn't want the cross, all of 18 inches tall and made of solid rose wood) to come crashing down. I had the cross and drink in my hands and ATE. IT. Martini, JC, and I. On the floor. I hear Saylor from upstairs.."mama loud, mama fall". Then as I was trying to get up, I let the now empty glass, slip out of my hands (6 inches) and cracked into many pieces.

It all ended with me having to use a rag to clean up apple-tini from the cross and massaging my hurting hamstring.

It all just seemed so wrong.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Today's Top Ten

I totally just made this up, but I felt like it. These are a few of my all time favorite things. I added a challenge to myself, it all has to start with the same letter. They are in no particular order. Oh yeah and some will be tmi (too much information), of course.

B for Barbie (which just turned 51 the other day)

1. Burlesque Dancing
2. Bollywood
3. Bubble baths with babes
4. Bars
5. Babysitters
6. Burmese food
7. Brazilian Wax (I have no link to this....:)
8. Beatboxing
9. Bargains
10. Blogging

Friday, March 5, 2010

26 months

This is how old Saylor is today. This is also how old Athena was when Saylor was born. Get the picture?

I'm reminiscing, big time.

and now, you'll be dragged along too :)

Here is athena foreshadowing Saylor before she even knew that Saylor was a Saylor.

Will I be able to eat this?

Wow, this is really gonna happen. Smile daddy, our life is about to change.

I'm gonna have to share all of this, aren't I?

What up???

Awww, she isn't so bad...kinda cute if ya ask me.

Oh boy. Can she see me?

Oh, she sees you alright.....

I'm gonna hug'er and squeeze'er and call her George

Bffs 4ever