Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Omunky see Omunky do

As all of you know, this blog is about hearting two girls, hearting motherhood, hearting randomness(gosh, I really love this stuff) and hearting new, fun, and familial businesses.

My blog, my fodder, right? Soooooo, I wanted to let you all on a little secret. There is a new start up business in town(well, NY to be exact)named OMUNKY and it is an online apparel store that embraces the new environmentally friendly world with awesome looking clothes made from Eco-friendly material such as recycled-cotton! All of us know how great organic/recycled cotton feels on our skin. OMUNKY chooses to provide the world Eco-friendly gear not because it is popular, but because it is the right thing to do.

The designs (and earthy colors) are the cutest (and very unique), with a nose picking (or Rodin inspired) monkey as it's logo, and a side kick Hippo. Let's not forget my favorite, the hitchhiking gorilla....don't we all feel like this sometimes? There are also a couple of belts that are pretty hip. All in all, OMUNKY has the comfort, cost, custom designs and consciousness that we are all wanting.

So, as any good blog entry where I mention a new biz, there is a *perk* for the readers of said blog.

IF YOU ENTER THE CODE WORD "TWOGIRLS" AT CHECKOUT YOU WILL RECEIVE A 15% OFF discount!!!! This deal is a limited time only and will expire on Thursday the 15th of October.

Is OMUNKY On Facebook? Yep. www.facebook.com and search OMUNKY or click directly from his website

Is OMUNKY Twitter friendly you ask? yep.... www.twittwer.com/omunky

Got his own blog??? yep..... www.omunky.blogspot.com

Have fun and let me know what you think :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

'Sis different now

Today started like any other day. Athena yelling from her room saying "I gotta go pottyyyyyyyy" and Saylor hearing her sister's voice from her own room and then saying "doown....dowwn". Athena had asked me to let her go into saylor's room to get her up. As I was rubbing my eyes and peeing on the toilet, I mutter "fine". She opens the door and saylor is smiling and then laughing while athena grabs toys for her that have fallen out of her crib for her. Saylor is then picked up by me and put on the floor.

The girls "hugged" and went running out of the room. And yes, it is barely 7am at this point (for those of you keeping track).

*********this is where is all changed*******************************

Athena and Saylor went into Athena's room and closed the door. They were relatively quiet and played in there, for 30 minutes together. This may sound like nothing to some of you, but to those of you that were impressed with this, you know why. I heard Athena reading a book to her, then I heard the railroad track being built, then the maracas and drums were being played and then some animated toys were turned on.

All of this was going on and the girls remained happy and without getting hurt.

I was able to 1. make and drink coffee, 2. have a breakfast bar, 3.check email, and 4. write this blog post. Of course I keep anticipating that someone is going to run out of the room in tears or blood, but I am still writing.

I came to the realization that my daughters may be becoming the bffs that we hoped they would become. It also brought to light that I may not be their sole entertainer! So this is why I found this to be so fantastic this morning as I had my brekkie and blogged.

Of course, now that I have actually written this out for the universe to read, they are going to come out of their room running screaming like banshees.

It's gone from this.....

to sometimes being this.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Peep Show and Tell

So, now that Athena is 3years old, she is in school, Montessori school, there are certain things that are expected of her. One of these wonderful activities, that she will need to actively participate in is Show and Tell.

I asked the teacher about it and she said "she can bring in anything she wants, but it cannot be a toy". Ok, great. There are some parameters, but, nothing too daunting.

Please listen in to our conversation about what to bring in.......

Me- Babe, it's your turn for show and tell on friday. What do you want to bring in?

Athena- Bring in? To tell about?

Me- Yes, what do you want to bring in to your classroom to tell your friends about?

Athena- My train set. The one with the bridge.

Me- oh, sorry, love, it can't be a toy.

Athena- No, not a toy, my train set.

Me- Well, your train set is a toy, because you can play with it. So, what do you want to take in to school from your room?

Athena- My hippopotamus, Gloria.

Me- Well, that's a toy too.

Athena-I don't play with it, I sleep with it.

Me- ok, this is sorta hard to understand huh? Ok, what can you take in to your classroom that you don't play with, but would like to show your friends?

Athena- Ummmm. The "something I didn't understand"

Me- The what?

Athena- The "something I didn't understand"

Me- The outkast cd? What? we don't even have the outkast cd. what?

Athena- Momma! the owl cast!

Me- The owl cast, owl, cast? Omgosh....The Owl cast?

Athena- Yes.

Me- Ummmmm. ok.

This, my friends is what my daughter wants to take into "show and tell" on friday.........

Yes, my belly cast.

I will have to turn off my cell phone and have Michael pick her up from school.

I soooooo wish she could take her train set.