Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st day of school's Power Lunch

Me -hey, athena, what did you have for lunch today?

Athena- nothing.

Me- what did you eat today for lunch? (you know that special rephrasing for 3 year olds)

athena-french fries.

me-french fries and what?

abba-that's it.

me-that's it???????

athena-and chocolate milk.

me- oh good *rolling my eyes in the driver's seat*. french fries and chocolate milk. Listen, tomorrow, can you choose the other milk?

athena- the other milk?

me- yeah.

athena- ok. I don't like strawberry milk.

me- fucking el *in my head*.

me- athena, please choose the white milk.

athena-yes, white milk. with french fries.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Blowing Barbie

Ok, well, 35 is well on it's way. Here I am *wishing* that I was a better blogger.

Oooops, shouldn't have told you that. Damn.

Back from Bloggy staycation and "More Consistent Blogger" coming to a theater near you.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eyebrow Seamstress

First off, I am sorry that 1.) my posts have been so scant and 2.) that they will again be about hair .

I have recently discovered (funny, how this is an ancient technique, yet, I just realized where to get it done) eyebrow threading. It is incredible.

If any of you actually know know me, you know that I have thick and bushy eyebrows that are maintained and manicured by waxing and tweezing. Tedious, and painful. I discovered threading at the mall of all places, a kiosk in fact. A pretty little east Indian lady was sitting there, threading another lady's eyebrows. It was fascinating. She looked like a slow, human sewing machine. Both her hands and her mouth were used to pluck these hairs. I was intrigued. I hovered over the other lady (who had her eyes closed so she was unaware) and wanted it done on my eyebrows.

I sat in the chair ready for it and realized early on that I was going to be doing this from now on. Not only is the pain less than tweezing, but also better than the brusk act of waxing. When she was done with my brows, she asked (politely) if I like (the mess we call) my upper lip done too, I said "yes, please". It was precision personified. She dealt with each hair, but pulled it in a manner that somehow didn't really hurt. When I looked at the mirror she handed me, I was throughly impressed and very happy with the results. It had dawned on me that I hadn't asked her the price yet. I mean, whatever it was I would have to pay it now, but I asked her anyhow. Do you know that it was cheaper than my waxing salon???????? $10 for brows and $5 for upper lip.

Anyhow, I am sold and I thought I'd share.

Here is an example of what I speak of.