Thursday, May 29, 2008

Well well well.....

It has finally happened.....I have joined I knew it was just a matter of time. Happened just like myspace. Sad really. I am following in the footsteps of good friends like Katy, Marianne, Chorak, Shannon, Gerry, and my cousin Andrea who was a blogger before blogging became the norm.

I feel like I needed a place to call our own and have the ability to ramble and rant as I so chose. The BAMS fam has lots going on these days. In texas again, moms groups, friends, margaritas, new job, pictures of growing girls, and just mundane things that all of you are dying to read about :) More importantly, share Athena and Saylor dailies with all of you. We have family and friends all over the you can add Spain (hola Lourdes) to our list. I am actually excited about this so strap in boys and girls b/c it is going to be a fun ride.

Bar-b (going with this sign off because it reminds me of grammar school, when I thought this would be a cool way to spell my name. I guess I should also share that I made my friends call me Bar-b LeBon for Simon LeBon in Duran Duran.) who is just the B in BAMS.


Bianca said...

omg bar-b! i love the new blog you created. the name is the best and picture is to die for! i look forward to reading about the girlies' antics, you and michael in h-town and any thing that occurs to that pretty blonde head of yours. i know you'll make me laugh and think and maybe even cry!
write on sista-girl.

little b

Dr BLT said...

I love it, at elase we can keep in touch this way and talk about our girls. I love having 2 girls, GIRLS Really do RULE!!!

A* said...

HA! I love the shout out - makes me sounds all pioneer-y. Welcome to the blogosphere!

The girls are gorgeous, not shocking as you and Michael can only produce spectacular children. I am sure Miss Athena is running you ragged and Saylor is taking notes.

Hopefully we will get to have a proper visit soon. Much love to Michael & the girls-


Luly said...

So you've gone and done it! I think it makes sense to have a place to share all your thoughts... hmm, another good name could be "The mind of Bar-b Atkinson". We can all take a trip through that crazy head!

Love, Lu

Jennifer Nadal Montero said...


i love it, kinda makes me want to start one. That picture is just...::sigh::: amazing. Saylor is HUGE and Athena is apparently in college. Omigosh Saylor's eyes are soooooo blue! They are works of art. I love that there is yet another way for us to communicate! Keep the pictures coming! Kisses to the BAMS. Yey I cant wait to hear more about your adventures on this thing.
NYC newest actress
(who misses her cousins)