Monday, August 4, 2008

We're Gonna Pump *clap You Up

Nope, not the SNL skit. We went to Danielle's (Athena's cousin/bff) 3rd bday party yesterday. It was at this place called "pump it up" and we had never been to one of these joints. It was a massive building with rooms and inside the separate rooms were these huge bounce houses and the picture. Incredibly fun.

Athena was a smidge trepidatious at first but quickly got the hang of it. Even Michael and I got in on it. You can't help but be drawn to going inside one of these things. Too much fun. The kids would go up and down and bounce and bounce and bounce. Every kid in there was red cheeked and sweaty and in a "zone". We took turns holding Saylor, while the other one went to"help Athena".
Michael and I thought it would be fun if they had one of these for adults. Of course maybe the optional lingerie and martinis would make the event complete. Maybe this idea has already been done in Las Vegas. Oh and talking about Las Vegas makes me think of Liza Manelli (don't ask) which in turn makes me think of Celine Dion (still don't ask) and concerts, which brings me to saturday night when Michael and I went to the John Mayer concert (if you live Under A Rock, USA here is a song of his..... or this one
It was so great! Hotter n' hell out in the lawn seats at the pavillion but really nice like at 9:30pm when there was a slight breeze. I want to thank David and his bride to be Betty for these tickets. It was really fun and Michael and I really enjoyed it....sorry for your trip to Chicago....we'll tell you all about the concert, maybe even sing a bit. Nope, didn't see Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Simpson or whatever, but still fun :)

Another thanks and shot out go to one of my bffs, Cindy who babysat for us so that this could occur. Gracias mi amorcito :))))))))


Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Glad Athena and you guys ;) had fun at those bouncy toys. Samantha just came from one for her friend's birthday party. Curt loves the long long slides! :)

greedygrace said...

The bounce houses look great! I think I would have more fun than my daughter!