Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, Monday nah nah, nah nah nah nah


ABA will be three in November. Today was her first day of school in her new classroom. She has been going to a "Moms Day Out" program since we moved from Orlando but now will be going to a different program, more hours and a but more intensive. Different teacher too. She will be going to school from 8:30am to 3pm, three days a week still. She loves school, the children and the teachers. She plays the games, follows directions and takes control of the activities. I have quietly observed her in the classroom and she is the one who participates, answers posed questions, finishes puzzles first, and is always telling other kids what to do (just like her daddy ;) Teachers always seem charmed by her and to think she is funny and bright (just like her mother ;) Some might even say that she is a little bit of the teacher's pet. Secretly, I am very happy about that. I know I shouldn't be, but, I am. I know a lot of teachers. I hear how they speak about the kids they don't jive with. Wait, she isn't potty trained. Haven't even started yet. I fully intend on doing this soon, just haven't.

Ugh, maybe, she won't be the teachers pet after all. Sorry ABA.


Mrs. Who said...

My little grandson will be 3 in November also. Hmmm...blind date in the future? That's how his grandaddy and I met!!

She is darling and will do great in school!!

Shan said...

she is a teacher's dream
pissy pants and all!

we aren't PT either....
glad we are not alone!

miss u

te amo

Wep said...

With that face? Definitely teachers pet :)

Aubrey said...

Look at that adorable face! That alone would be reason enough to be the teacher's pet! (OMGosh!) Great minds think alike Wep!! LOL Maegan said...

omg. she's so adorable! First day of school already?

A* said...

Didn't think she could possibly get cuter - yet she does. :)
She will take to PT in no time!