Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hello Family, Friends and Fellow Bloggers!!!! We are back from our vacation (which I will call Fake-ation from here on out due to the fact that we still had to contend with naps, meals, snacks, crying, whining and overall kid-dom) from North Carolina!


  • flying with both girls sans michael (this was loads of fun)
  • vertigo
  • long drive from airport to parent's country home
  • fun
  • food
  • less vertigo
  • family
  • dramamine
  • andrea et al
  • wisconsin in da' hizouse
  • surprise from nyc (jennyc came to visit, athena calls her Jelly)
  • pool
  • family portrait (old school style)
  • bbq
  • Michael arrives from Atlanta
  • cows, goats, horses
  • date with michael :)
  • fun
  • food
  • family
  • good byes :(
  • flight home
  • 2 lay overs
  • arrive Houston at 1am with both girls awake
  • wake up this morning at 7am as if they didn't go to bed only 6 hours earlier
  • blogging about it

The girls had an incredible time. We all did. Many pictures to follow, but wanted to check in . We really had an awesome time and got to spend time with the people we love. Like I say, damn the industrial revolution and the fact that all of our family is scattered everywhere.

Sorry about the gap in blogging :(

In my best Lisa Stansfield voice....back to life, back to reality.......



Katy Leach said...

OOh... I missed you so much!!! I was going into Bar-B withdrawals.. I even found an BBA Meeting (Barbie Blog Anonymous)


Corey said...

So glad you're home. Did you get vertigo on the plane? That happened to me on my trip to Vegas.

A* said...

Your children are a delight. A delicous, delectable, debating delight. The debating is for Athena, obvs.

Hate that I missed Michael, hate that you all couldn't stay longer, hate that you felt sick.

Could you just bite the bullet and move here? Seriously.

hearts, flowers and yummy baby feet- AJS

PS - Saylor pic with the ridic bow is now my cell phone wallpaper. I have showed her off to EVERYONE as if she were my own.