Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Latest Family Pictures (attempts)

I am really worried (like Saylor in this picture) that we might never really have a good family portrait. Granted, it was my mother taking the pictures below with my cousin Jelly and sister Bibi trying to entertain the girls whilst snapping. How do they do it at the studios? Shannon, care to chime in? Whenever we would get one of the girls to look the other would writhe off, and if we had both of the kids sorted then it was us the adults....we just could not get it together.
Here are some cute ones we managed (out of many) to get.

What happened to this one? Where were we all looking at? Oh yes, the bird's nest outside and the photographer and the entertainer.

"Saylor, buck up sista, we aren't done just yet"

This one is a nostalgic piece. Bianca (Bibi) and I on the floor playing with "My Little Ponies" or shall I say "Our Little Ponies"....good times, good times. Circa 1984.


Corey said...

LOL! Cute! I'm sure it will be ages before we can get a good family photo. After almost 3 years of constant treatment by the paparazzi, he refuses to look at the camera!

Lana D said...

impressive pony collection!

Shan said...

4 peeps is tough stuff!
even for the "professionals"

try sitting with you and M ready and smiling... have the photographer sing a familiar song REALLY off key... and hopefully the girls will oblige!

wish i was there to help!

Luly said...

Love the couch and wall color...oh cute family too ;)