Friday, August 15, 2008

Where did my "Get Er Done"dness Go?

I have a list of things that I want to get done and have been plaguing me for weeks. I could sit here and bore you with it but why? I'm not going to get to them any quicker. I seriously need to get this "new baby in the house" mentality up and at'em. I have been so tired, sluggish and blah lately. I know it is just a phase but I need to shake it off. My bday is monday as a lot of you know or were just reminded. I intend on starting anew on Monday. 34 will bring back my energy, vivacity and Barbie-ness.

I pledge that I will

  • begin to go to the gym 3 x's a week (not concentrating on weight loss but on getting my mojo back)
  • enroll Saylor in a class for crawlers
  • enroll Athena in swimming and skating (and take her)
  • prep our groceries for the week's menu (washing, sorting, cutting, divvying)
  • schedule our new babysitter once a week (even for two hours)
  • schedule girl dates with Cindy, Dominique and Ursula
  • get to bed by 10pm (absolute latest)
  • pump twice instead of thrice a day to begin to bid my pump adieu

Ok, this is a good start. I have put it out there in the blogosphere. Thanks for reading :)


Annikke said...

Just popping in --saw your comment on The Fam Five blog and thought I'd check you out! Great blog! Love the pic from Thursday post!
Today's post: what a great list! Hope your birthday is maaaaa-velous on Monday!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Hey Saucy girl
Oh the great get um done list. Love it! I'm still trying to check mine off.
Your daughters are beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

Anonymous said...

What a list you have here! All do-able though.

Good luck with your goals, and congrats on the Saucy blog!

Jill said...

Just came over by way of SITS. Hello! I'm Jill, nice to meet you!

Love the photos of your girlies... my oldest's middle name is also Sloane.

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Just jumping in from SITS...I have a similar issue...but not new baby, new house.
We moved a year ago, and I still can't seem to get back into a good routine or "mojo"...of course that's slowly I wish you luck with your list...

Summer Saldana said...

Ugh the pump! How I dread those days!!!

Visiting from SITS and wanted to say congrats on being saucy!

Zen Ventures said...

Congrats for being one of the new featured Saucy blogs!


AJ said...

Congrats on your Saucy Blog!

I have write my stuff down I want to get done or it want of course. That way it's constantly staring back at me.