Friday, April 17, 2009

Godiva Giveaway

because really? what's the point of working there if I can't hook bloggy sistahs up? I have decided that I will be sending out a surprise to the winner. Just know, it will be chocolate and it will be Godiva. Really a win/win if you ask me.

Now, I have decided that I want this to be interactive this time. I want to ask you all some questions (that the answers can be found in the blog somewhere). They won't be hard but it will be fun. At least for me :)

What is the cost of most of my favorite things?

Am I pregnant?

If so, how far along?

What color hair did I have and for how long?

How many children do I have?


Their names?

Following me?

If not, get thee to the "follow" button stat.

Then can do the rest.

And this old school rewind is just for S & G's.


sphinx63 said...

The things I will do for chocolate! Okay, here goes:
1. freeeeee
2. not pregnant
3. not pregnant
4. blonde since you were 17
5. 2
6. females
7. Athena and Saylor
8. yes

Bar-b said...

Wow Sphinx, it looks like you will be getting the whole loot. All of the pirate's booty ;)

Carrie said...

Feee-yoof! Glad somebody else already did it!

I like Godiva, but I'm too damned lazy to look up all those answers!

Now if it were for Swedish Fish...

sphinx63 said...

I am waiting with bated breath, I haven't had Godiva chocolate for probably 10 years because it's so expensive! I can't believe no one else wants to try for this prize!

Aubrey said...

2) Well not yet but I just cursed you.
3)Not pregnant YET. LOL
4)Is this a trick question??? You are a brunette blonde brunette. Duh.
5)You have 2 GORGEOUS mijas.
6)Athena and Saylor.
7)I'm following!

Go ahead. Just send the Godiva my way! LOL