Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

These are pictures of both sides of the mug I got Michael for Father's Day. I ordered it on from a girl who does custom (obviously) mugs. He really liked the gift (even though it was not wrapped and did not have a card attached). This year I did not get cards for Their father and My father.
Sorry Dad :( I would, however, like to publicly tell you what I would have written in your card had I gotten one for you.

Dear Dad,

Happiest of Father's Day to you! I know you said that the gift is just having us, but I want to say more. This is the day that I get to tell you how special you are to me. You are (and have always been) a supportive, active, funny, present, loving, intelligent, honest, genuine, hard working, a good listener, cheerleader, coach, full of faith, fun, a loving husband to mom, and warm dad. Bianca and I are so very, very lucky to have you.

And know, that the best gift that I could have given you, is the gift of you knowing that I have given your granddaughters a father of the same caliber for them. I am so lucky to have been born to you and I am so happy to have chosen Michael for the girls. My biggest wish is that the girls think of Michael as highly and as lovingly as I think of you.

So Happy Father's Day to you. Thank you and I love you.


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Sarah Marie & Adam Robert said...

The mugs are so cute! I hope all is well. It sounds like you are doing great. Barbie, I love the hair. Miss ya and hope to hear from you soon! Do our babies grow up way to fast or what?

Shan said...

what happened to my daily blogger?

Lara said...

How sweet! What an adorable family!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Super fun mugs!!

litanyofbritt said...

thanks for reminding me that i need coffee! i love those mugs!

kjamama said...

What a great letter! I'm sure he really loved that!

Tiffany said...

I am all choked up. Great letter! I feel the same way about my dad. We are lucky girls.

Preston said...

Great mugs. Your dad is a lucky guy.

namaste said...

How sweet....!