Monday, April 13, 2009

What a bright Ikea

Well, as you know, I have a couple of rug rats running around here. I am always looking for creative things to do with them that are easy, free, and fun. I have a mental list of things 'round town that we put into the circuit o' fun throughout the week. Zoo, Museum, McDonald's Play zone, Playdates etc. All of these things are fun and Freeeeeeeeee. Love me some free.

Well, add a new one to the mix. Ikea. Yes, the swedish-particle-board-hard-to-assemble- mecca, Ikea. It has a a playground called Smaland. Cute right? Well, you have to be potty trained...check, between 37-54 inches tall....check, and agree to pick up your child in one hour....check (can we negotiate on this one? I can't really navigate my way through the window less labyrinth that quickly). You are given a buzzer like the one at large chain restaurants and are *buzzed* when their time is up. Best of all is that it is....say it together now....Fa. reeeeee.

Athena loves it. She jumps into the ball pit (yes, she is deloused and disinfected upon leaving), colors, swings and watches whatever movie they have playing at the time. We usually have lunch there (cheap, cheap brekkie!!!!) and then she goes to Smaland. Saylor and I are left to see what is up in the land of the umlaut. It is a fun couple of hours. We all dig it.

What are some ideas for fun, and freeeeeeeee for toddlers and preschoolers?????


Aubrey said...

Oh how I can not wait for our IKEA to be built! No date yet as to when it's even going to be started! *sob* What a great idea though!

We have this great play area at one of our higher end shopping malls. My son LOVES to go there and takes a great nap afterwards! LOL The Humane Society is another place. He really likes to see the cats and dogs and other animals they have there!

Mercedes said...

I take my son to the malls play area. He loves it.
Ideas... we make our own playdough.. dye it different colors and then get the cookie cutters out.

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Hmmm. I completely forgot about Ikea. I would not let Samantha there alone but now with Chris... ;) I may have to stop there next week. :D

Vikki said...

IKEA rocks! Wish other stores would catch on to that fab idea!!

Carrie said...

"the land of the umlaut..." ha ha haaaaa *snort*

I guess I'm the only German speaking dork that follows you!

I live about 30 minutes from our IKEA and I go there quite often. I can't WAIT to drop off the midget when she's big enough!

Anonymous said...

ooh, great reason to work on potty far does that buzzy thing go...can I leave Ikea and come back in an hour?