Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thousand Word Thursday (TWT)

Happy Thursday.....Happy Commenting.......Happy TWT ;)


everyday mom of one said...

SO do you want to hear a joke about mom?

Carrie said...

"Saylor, this is where Mommy gets her cases of happy juice each week.

If we're good, I bet she'll buy us a box of Swedish Fish that weighs as much as you!

We just have to make sure she has a bottle of her juice before we get up to the candy aisle."

Carebear said...

Adorable. The girls look as happy as I do when I get to the wine aisle, LOL! Love that little watermelon outfit, too!

Donnetta said...

I LOVE that the pic is in the wine aisle!!!

Too cute!

Lana D said...

hahaha. can't beat Carrie's comment!