Monday, June 2, 2008


Every chance Athena gets she goes and plants one on her sister. Saylor heard "I love you" from Athena before any of us did. I had been saying to athena- "say, i love you momma" and nothin'. She is very talkative but just didn't say it. It wasn't for lack of hearing it either. I spend all day gazing at the girls just saying "i love you". Athena looks after Say and is very concerned about her whereabouts. She also "loves" her so much that she hugs her until saylor is either crying or shrieking. We never leave them alone...obviously. I think I will tattoo the word "gentle!" on my arm or something, I say it very (VERY) often. I have gone to the thesaurus to find other words cuz gentle ain't cuttin' it. "Softly", "Tender", "Suavesito", "Quietly", "slow on the swing", "Sweetly", "STOP"! Saylor seems to fend for herself pretty well, I can't wait until she is old enough to "love" her back :)

We went to Dominique and Jamie's house yesterday for a bbq. We really had a fun time. Cindy and Ruben were there with their offspring Juliana Sophia-Marie :) and of course Danielle (dom and jamie's). We all had a really fun time. It was really neat to see how all of us had changed and were now parents. Big difference was- 1.not so many shots or margaritas, 2.ability to converse (or finished sentences), 3. play board games, and 4. we couldn't eat peacefully.....but fun nonetheless ;)

Athena on Danielle's horse. She was equipped with her cowgirl boots, so she was safe. Some shots of Sister Sloane on Dom's carpet too. She was a happy baby for over 2 hrs and then got "weird", but it was time to go home anyhow. Athena had a superb time hanging out with Danielle and all of her toys! She was talking about her visit THE. WHOLE. RIDE. HOME. (They live 40 minutes away) Gotta love a talkative toddler.

Happy Monday Y' back soon.
Gosh, I hope this blogging lasts. I love doing it. Of course, I have a pile of whites and darks to launder, and a kitchen and bathroom that wish they were as cute as my kids so that I could toss some attention their way, oh well.
PS.........HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shan said...

My GOD... SSA looks more like prince everyday!