Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Me? cute?

Do babies truly know how freakin cute they really are. I do believe that God makes them this cute looking, smelling, and sounding so we don't toss them out of the car window. Saylor is "talking" so much these days. Soliloquies are more like it. She goes off and starts to go up and down in pitch and tone. She does this in the car, crib, floor. She might just be another chatterbox like *ahem, Athena.....who did you think I was going to
Saylor's babylegs ( for when it drops in the high 80's......damn this heat.

I don't even know what she was thinking much less doing here. Athena is on the original cast of the "Cute Show". What a funny little girl with the funniest little comments and observations. She has some words that are funny (to us) too. Like "booty mark" for beauty mark, and "faceball" for baseball, "carouself" for carousel, just to name a few. I have seriously found myself laughing outloud when she says something. Don't even get me started on her spanish words :)))))) She also has a good memory and we really have to watch what we say and do. Toddlers (as my mom friends can attest to) are a fun little species. They are like Ying and Yang. They can have their meltdowns and tantrums and then can have a room splitting their pants. Such a dichotomy.

"mirror mirror on the baby gym, who is the cutest of them all (sorry, no rhyme)?" She got such a kick out of that mirror the other day. Shot out to Juliana who lent us this floor mat. I promise to wash it before returning it :)

Happy Wednesday,


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Sophie's Mommy said...

Your girls are seriously the cutest! And babylegs rock! We definitely put them on Sophie in Miami, in the summer, cause it was soooo cool outside, ha!