Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Baby Jesus"

This is what Athena said when she saw Saylor getting out of her bath in her yellow towel. Gotta love her little school *rolls eyes*. It was too funny and Michael and I couldn't stop laughing. So here is baby jesus in all her glory :)

This is a picture of Saylor reading to Michael, yes, she is rather ahead for her age.

This is Athena having her snack and drinking her juice box with "wings" as she calls them.

Athena continues to be obsessed with stacking and building things. She asks to go "driving to see tall buildings", and she wants to stop and see the "loud construction, huge trucks and skid steers" . She is also very bossy and loves to tell other kiddos how to do things "Sit down and watch C'George NOW....please", or "daddy, play colors with athena, NOW...please". She throws the please in there for effect I guess. So we figure she'll be a foreman, construction manager, or the president. We'll see.

And sweet Saylor is chomping on her baby mum mum cracker that Juliana ("junana" as Athena calls her) introduced her too.

Athena "reading" her animal book. She is also obsessed or preoccupied with all sorts of animals. She knows too many to type...oh alright, I'll tell you (you drive a hard bargain)...
seriously, off the top of my head...anteater, bear, fox, racoon, okapi (remember the FREEEEEE zoo), elephants, giraffe, dolphin, whale, shark, octopus, turtle, tortoise, snake, alligator/crocodile, penguins, reindeer, deer, kangaroo, koala, bat, cheetah, tiger, lion, bird, flamingo, parrot, pig, cow, sheep, goat, seal, manatee, worm, chicken, rooster, armadillo (as shown above), orangutan, gorilla, owl, frog, butterfly, dragonfly, squirrel, dog, cat, zebra, and I am sure a few more. She knows each by name and can tell you in a book or in person (or animal). This is truly one of her favorite things to do. So if you and her are ever together, this is the thing to do. She loves it. Zoologist, Veterinarian, Farmer, Marine Biologist, you get the gist.

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Sophie's Mommy said...

Your girls are precious! I am constantly amazed at how intelligent (and witty) Athena is! And Saylor is so yummy and edible! I hope we can get the girls together when you visit your parents in NC.