Sunday, February 1, 2009

In. Genious.

I feel like I have won a prize or something. I do. I have come across the most obvious answer to my prayers. Firstly, How many of you (mommas, especially stay at home ones) do not get to shower everyday? Can I get an Amen sisters???? It never seems to be the right time to. Someone is either up from nap, about to go nap, in the backyard, wanting to eat, wanting to stop eating, potty training, wanting a new dvd put in or out, etc. Even when I do get to the shower it is lightning fast and I usually forget to shave, or exfoliate or condition long enough. Need I go on?

So showers are left for when they go to sleep at night. The problem here is that I need to wash my hair when I bathe. that means I would need to blow dry it before bed and that just takes up too much time when I could be doing something else. I am also in bed by 9:30pm. Call me what you will but I have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the glee club at 7am. Second question... do any of you go to the gym?? Yes, I know a lot of you do (and if you don't now, you will after you read this). I go MWF when I drop off the big kid at her pre-school. Thirdly (I promise I am going somewhere with this), how many of you put your kids in the gym nursery included with your membership?

Ok, so do you see where I am headed?

First answer + Second answer + Third answer = (wait for it) A peaceful, unbothered, shower at the gym with no one tugging at the curtain or calling for you or wanting to jump in and say things like "feels like rain momma".

This is truly a new discovery for me. I have been a gym goer for years and I have never felt the need to shower at there. I was always like "gross, why would I when I could just come home and do it there". Well, the answer is BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T HAVE CHILDREN THEN, BRAINIAC.

Best part is, you've showered and blow dried in peace, your kid is happy as a clam in high tide in the nursery, and you are revved and ready to go. You will be looking good, presentable and fresh on your, grocery store, playgroup, coscto, home. rinse and repeat.

So there, you all can take this idea and run (or use the elliptical) with it too.


Aubrey said...

Genius! That's an understatement!

I have never thought about this. My solution right now? Throwing the toddler in with me. After I get out, I run the bath for him and get to do my hair and makeup while he is playing in the bubbles! I come!

Rachel said...

Dude. Wish i had read this before i went to the gym. Now i am sitting all stinky in my office chair while noah drips milk and smashes crackers into the carpet.

totally trying this out next week!

Jelly said...

What if you work out from home???? :(

Caro said...

And in this economic chaos that we have we can always use someone elses water and electricity...genious!

Bar-b said...

Caro, I rarely comment on my commnets, but you are brilliant!!!!!

Way to Eff the man. Take your cell phone and ipods to be charged while you bathe too.

Valerie said...

Ok not a stay at home mom anymore but that is a great idea! I usually have a spin class, aerobic class and a kick boxing class. I haven't been in forever. Instead I spend that time now running to see my grandson. lol

RubberDucky said...

You are one smart momma, Barbie. I actually have the opposite problem being a working mom. I 'have' to take a shower every morning & get ready with 3 kiddos creating chaos around me. Getting up at 6am is not cutting it anymore to get out of the house by 7:15. I don't wanna get up any earlier....Waaaaa!!!!! :(

DeezNutz said...

Many women do it. I used to love working for the daycare at Bally's if someone called out. I babysit alot of those kids, and I just saw on over Christmas - its a great way for the kids to get out and have some fun, and you can get a few minutes to yourself!

Katy Leach said...

You are a genius!!!

BTW... TAG!!

SarahI said...

I totally had this idea like five years ago.

rip off