Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three Way Mirrors.....yea or nay?

There are truly some great arguments, some pros and cons, some good discussion about being able to see yourself in all angles.

We should because.....

1. We can see how our hair looks. Whether it is flat or there is a cow lick.

2. We can see how our ass looks. Whether it is flat or looks like a cows rump.

3. We can see how our back fat looks. Oh yeah, didn't see that when you were getting ready at home with your simple little mirror didja?

4. We can see how people see us in line, walking away from them, walking past them, getting up from our seats, etc.

5. We get a total picture of your being. Wow, that was deep.

We shouldn't because......

1. All of the above reasons. and....

2. We would become obsessed with looking at every aspect of our figure and how we move and how are hair lays and yadda yadda.

3. We would dance around and see how you look doing it. Oh, is that only me who does that?

4. It would take MORE time to get ready then it already does.

5. Finally, you probably would not leave the house.

All of these discoveries came after a recent trip to my dope mean Target. I went in (ready for this?) with a couple of bikinis to try on for summer. I was taking the mature route and thought I could try these on early and assess the sitch.

Why oh why did I do this? I was feeling good about myself and my new found gym effort. I had broken up with my post baby bod and thought this was a thing of the past. Well, my post baby bod REARED it's ugly head again, in the three way mirror no less. I was like, who is in here with me? I fear my post baby bod texted me. I was going to text back, but I resisted.

I walked out like if I had just seen a live execution.

I pacified myself and said "It's ok Bar-b. It's early. And we are not getting back together, even if it is Valentine's Day on Saturday"

Like I mentioned earlier, I think the mirrors can be used for good and for evil. I will return to target's fitting room after I rent, eat, and digest Buns of Steel thankyouverymuch.

What do you all think of the three way mirror? Friend or foe?


annie kelleher said...

i like a nice three way mirror, myself... its saved me numerous times from slips hanging down, hems coming undone, and not to meniton the errant hair sticking up on the back of my head! Maegan said...

lol ...first of all, i wish that room was my closet/dressing room fab would that be!?!?!?

I like the 3way. I need to see what people are seeing as I walk away ..and whether or not to adjust my food intake because of

Aubrey said...

3 ways are baaaad. Oops, I mean 3-way mirrors!

Carrie said...

My fat gut hasn't seen a bikini since 1993 and it won't be seeing one anytime soon.

Threeboys1mommy said...

3 way on What Not To Wear my favorite! 3 way where Supermommy sees a spandex nightmare not my favorite :(

Lana D said...

3 ways are great for realizing that your attire may not necessarily be flattering in 3-D. Wow, you're ambitious on the bikinis. I don't think my body will ever be in a bikini again. I hate one pieces, which can be equally unflattering, and so have made pretty good friends with the tankini, preferably with boyshorts. Even though I have lost the weight and have no stretch marks, the bikini would only look good if I were standing upright and perfectly still with my ass clenched. If I bend over the slightest bit, my belly skin looks like crepe paper, with some wadded up pieces in the poochy area. I don't think anyone wants to see that.