Friday, January 30, 2009

Old School Rewind...

Hey there sorry for being such an effin slacker these days. I have had all of these random thoughts that I have wanted to put down on paper (or screen) but haven't made it to the old 'puter.

Coming soon to a theater near you....

I heart 2 girls, Bar-b the blogger :)

While we wait for my mojo to reappear, I give you this old little ditty....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Geraldo move over

So I decided to interview the man, the myth, the legend, Yep, baby daddy. He is used to my quirky antics so when I said "I'd like to interview you for the blog, is that ok?", he said "sure", didn't even blink really. Before I started I said, "yes, I am serious and yes I want an answer to all of these questions". He said "ok, ok".

Barbie-B, Michael-M

B- How do you feel about our family blog?
M-repeats question. I feel it is a tremendous expression of how we feel about our family and that we are able to share it with family and friends. I love that you love to share. It makes it easier for me.

B-Do you secretly want your own blog?
M-LOL, No I don't. I love the family blog and love it even more that I don't have to do anything.

B-Ever do the moonwalk just because you can?
M-I do, not very frequently. Once every 3 months. Yep. I will just bust out with a MW.

B-Do you want another baby?
M-very quickly says No. Then we saw tumbleweeds in the background.

B-How do you feel about your dinners?
M-Long freakin' pause- generally pleased. Sometimes tidbit night isn't a big hit.

B-What is your favorite saying of Athena's?
M-Hmmmmmmm. So many, can I get back to you?


B-Words to live by?
M-Repeats question. Do it today because tomorrow it could be illegal.

B-Why are you so retarded (mentally challenged)?
M-is this a real question?


B-If you were an animal (other than the primate that you seem to be) what would you be?
M-LOL. Oh God. Ummmm. I think a bird. Maybe an eagle, something powerful within the bird family. That or a T-Rex.

B-Blonde or brunette?
M-Mousy Brown.

B-chuckle. no not you, me, which do you prefer?
M-long pause. Right now I am liking the brunette a lot.

B-Do you think you could come up with an interview yourself???
M-yeah, sure, given some time.

B-Can I have a sample question?
M- No.

B-Any last words?
M-This soup keeps getting better and better.

B-is that a metaphor for our life?
M-No, this (points to an almost empty bowl of soup) soup that you made with love (and that we have been eating for three days straight)...chuckle.



Jelly said...

Was the soup Hamburger Helper, by chance? ;)

bermudabluez said...

Sounds like the conversations we have in our house!

Aubrey said...

Way to ask the tough questions! I loved when he would repeat the question you just asked. LOL How many more days did you eat soup?