Friday, July 11, 2008

Geraldo move over

So I decided to interview the man, the myth, the legend, Yep, baby daddy. He is used to my quirky antics so when I said "I'd like to interview you for the blog is that ok?", he said "sure", didn't even blink really. Before I started I said, "yes, I am serious and yes I want an answer to all of these questions". He said "ok, ok". Barbie-B, Michael-M

B- How do you feel about our family blog?
M-repeats question. I feel it is a tremendous expression of how we feel about our family and that we are able to share it with family and friends. I love that you love to share. It makes it easier for me.

B-Do you secretly want your own blog?
M-LOL, No I don't. I love the family blog and love it even more that I don't have to do anything.

B-Ever do the moonwalk just because you can?
M-I do, not very frequently. Once every 3 months. Yep. I will just bust out with a MW.

B-Do you want another baby?
M-very quickly says No. Then we saw tumbleweeds in the background.

B-How do you feel about your dinners?
M-Long freakin' pause- generally pleased. Sometimes tidbit night isn't a big hit.

B-What is your favorite saying of Athena's?
M-Hmmmmmmm. So many, can I get back to you?


B-Words to live by?
M-Repeats question. Do it today because tomorrow it could be illegal.

B-Why are you so retarded?
M-is this a real question?


B-If you were an animal (other than the primate than you seem to me) what would you be?
M-LOL. Oh God. Ummmm. I think a bird. Maybe an eagle, something powerful within the bird family. That or a T-Rex.

B-Blonde or brunette?
M-Mousy Brown.

B-no not you, me, which do you prefer?
M-long pause. Right now I am liking the brunette a lot.

B-Do you think you could come up with an interview yourself???
M-yeah, sure, given some time.

B-Can I have a sample question?
M- No.

B-Any last words?
M-This soup keeps getting better and better.

B-is that a metaphor for our life?
M-No, this (points to an almost empty bowl of soup) soup that you made with love (and that we have been eating for three days straight)...chuckle.


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Val said...

Loved this interview!

I've had fun "dropping by" and catching up....your blog is great and your kids are way cute!

Colleen said...

This gave me a great afternoon chuckle. Can't wait to read more.

Heather said...

Yay!!!! I love interviews! Your husband was a trooper for sure. Now I'm craving soup.

Lana D said...

what a clever tactic to get your husband to participate in making the blog... I'll have to try this one on Leo