Friday, July 4, 2008

Dependents' Day is more like it

Yes, it is July 4th.....a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the "declaration of independence" (creative name for the document) declaring independence from the Brits.

We have done nothing to "celebrate" today. Besides the fact that Michael had the day off, we have just been home, living it up. We first had Juliana over for a bit and hung out with her and the day just escalated in excitement after that. Michael went to WalMart (athena-ism..."lawn mowert") to get a pair of cycling shorts and a bathing suit (athena-ism..."baby suit"). We were outside with play doh, bubbles and the soccer ball (athena-ism "sock ball).

The day culminated in making the familial batch of Rice Krispies Treats (athena-ism "christmas treats"). I realize this is not exactly a reenactment of how the day was back in 1776, I am sure it would have been some sort of mince pie, pudding, some sort of fowl (apparently the peahen was waaaaay tastier than the peacock...some things never change), or something that required no refrigeration. Ok, ok, history channel has now turned off. Girls are both in bed and Michael is on his way home with our celebratory pizza dinner. All in all, between the pizza, christmas treats and pomegranate martinis we will have exceeded our 1, 776 calorie allotment for the day :)

Here "Junana" have some. I know what's good for you, I am 2 and half ya know.

Saylor and her new celebratory bow.

She really digs it.

This is exactly what I found when I returned to the dining room. It is the festive veggie hot dog wreath crowning the top of the sippy cup. Martha Stuart (is this spelled like this?) watch out.

Seriously, Happy Fourth of July everyone! I will leave you with this........