Friday, March 12, 2010

Today's Top Ten

I totally just made this up, but I felt like it. These are a few of my all time favorite things. I added a challenge to myself, it all has to start with the same letter. They are in no particular order. Oh yeah and some will be tmi (too much information), of course.

B for Barbie (which just turned 51 the other day)

1. Burlesque Dancing
2. Bollywood
3. Bubble baths with babes
4. Bars
5. Babysitters
6. Burmese food
7. Brazilian Wax (I have no link to this....:)
8. Beatboxing
9. Bargains
10. Blogging


Jelly said...

Bars where you drink or chocolate bars?

SarahIsabel said...

Eric adds:
and Bumbos

Lana D said...

ummm... BAMS?