Friday, March 5, 2010

26 months

This is how old Saylor is today. This is also how old Athena was when Saylor was born. Get the picture?

I'm reminiscing, big time.

and now, you'll be dragged along too :)

Here is athena foreshadowing Saylor before she even knew that Saylor was a Saylor.

Will I be able to eat this?

Wow, this is really gonna happen. Smile daddy, our life is about to change.

I'm gonna have to share all of this, aren't I?

What up???

Awww, she isn't so bad...kinda cute if ya ask me.

Oh boy. Can she see me?

Oh, she sees you alright.....

I'm gonna hug'er and squeeze'er and call her George

Bffs 4ever


Jelly said...


Dude. Athena had SO much more hair.

Valeria said...

For some reason I keep seeing Saylor as a baby, even today. And Athena has always looked so grown up to me. They are both so beautiful! Maegan said...

OHHHHH! This is the cutest ever. Your babies are growing up :)

MrsY said...

1. They're adorable...then and now.
2. Loved the "call him George" reference.
3. It seems so weird to see that you had green grass in January.
4. Your reminiscing has me reminiscing...and wishing that you would show us the bumbo seat on the butt picture again soon.

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Aww look how young Athena looks in the first pictures. Hey, I have BTDT and you gals know it. ;) I am 95% ok now....almost 5 years later. lol

So...another baby? ;)

Cindy said...

were they really that little??? so sweet!!!!