Monday, March 29, 2010

Are all mommy hobbies created equal?

I met a fellow mom the other day. We were discussing, this, that and the other. I was nodding my head and we were agreeing with each other. "The challenges...", "the sacrifices....", "finding time for me...". Y'know, stuff us moms chit chat about.

*her phone rings*

"Oh it's my dance teacher", and I say, "wow, how cool, a dance teacher. What are you taking?" She says Latin Dance from this incredible Russian instructor. She says "They are the best at it. His wife and him are fantastic". I continue to ask about the dance teacher. I like to hear about fun, active things out there. I ask how often she takes classes from him and she says twice a week. So, I ask for his number b/c I would love to be able to do this too. It sounded like loads of fun.

She says, "214-555-1212". "A dallas transplant, huh?" I say. "oh...he's in Dallas". Puzzled, I say "Dallas? Like, almost-4 hrs-away-Dallas, Dallas? "Yes, she answers, I just love it. It is such a break". Me clarifying "So, you drive 4 hrs each way, twice a week, to meet with your Russian dance teacher for lessons?" No, she says, I fly there, it only takes 30 minutes. I chuckled and said "wow, that's great". Me clarifying "soooo, you get on a plane, go to take your lesson and then get back on the plane and come home?"

of course not, I stay the night at a Ritz Carlton.

then I just straight up laughed and said "that is just plain awesome".

Next time I feel like I am unwinding and escaping at the Color Me Mine pottery studio, I'll make sure to remind myself of this ditty.



Em said...

Love it!

I'm going to read this to Hubs tonight - right before I tell him I had to drop $80 on a template for WordPress :-) Maegan said...

LOLOLOL!!!!!! ..and um, wow ...a twice a week flight to Dallas?!?!? omg.

Ducky said...

O. M. G.

Jelly said...

What's her name?

Oh, wait.

Nevermind. ;D

SarahIsabel said...

This is the awesomest thing ever. What phenomenal job does she have the other three days of the week that allows her to behave like that? Because I want it.

Shan said...

always wondered about the other half.... and you know, how they lived???

cindy said...

yes, new money