Saturday, January 2, 2010

What Christmas?

I have just taken any/everything related to/resembling/associated with/thinking about Christmas down. It was awesome. Cathartic.

Now, I don't think my 4 year old thought it was so grand. I had woken up and had my gonna-get- my- house- in- order look and said to her "can you help me put the ornaments back in the box" she cocked her head to the side and said "why?" and I said "because christmas is over". She began to tear up and talk about Santa, and cookies and snow and gifts and wanting to keep the tree up and "what about the star?? can we keep the star?". I actually felt terrible after listening to her. But, being the a-hole that I am, I was like "sorry, Christmas is over. This will all be back next year. If you're good" lol. <------in my head. Michael took the dead tree to get recycled. Hauled the thing throughout the house leaving a trail of pine needles. fun. Next year, I am going to go ultra "green" and rent a real christmas tree. Serioulsy, it's all the rage in Canada. Look here

Anyhow, back to my beautifully, uncluttered house. I sound so "ba humbug" but, I am no Scrooge, by any means. A whole month of "stuff" is too long, though. I am happy to have my Living room back. God, I am Scroogey.

Oh and all of the foods that I ate this holiday. Ridiculous. Everything was chocolate, creamy, mint/spice/ginger flavored, baked, decorated, in little bags, in trays, in the console of my car (oops, did I say that outloud). Glad to be done with all of that indulgent eating too.

Now, back to the gym, back to portion contro-hol (in Prince's singing voice), vegetables, etc. All of this work to be able to start the cycle all over again next Oct 31st, which is when my hibernation begins. It is lovely, but all good things come to an end.

Ok, I see pine needles that need to get cleaned up. I guess I will put "Polar Express" in the dvd player for my 4 year old that I can still hear muttering to herself.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Back to the gym for me as well.

Happy New Year

Jelly said...

Really, who can blame Athena? That snow WAS incredible.


MrsY said...

Lily still asks for the Wiggles Christmas CD & DVD. The CD was the soundtrack to our drive to daycare today. And our snow this morning? Not so incredible. More like Mother Nature laughing her ass off at us poor saps who have to return to work today.

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

I gained 3 lbs (equivelent to 10lbs to a normal size person ;) ) after eating all the cookies, meats, cakes, pies,sodas, ect. I finally lost them. It was great stuffing myself though! ;)