Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Go Diva!

5 Benefits of Dark Chocolate

  • Studies have shown dark chocolate to lower blood pressure
  • Studies have also shown dark chocolate to lower bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • It turns women on more than a passionate kissing session (no wonder they want it for Valentine's Day!)
  • Contains serotonin, a natural mood-boosting anti-depressant
  • Stimulates pleasure-inducing endorphin production

Reading this you can this be true? How could the oompa loompas and Willy been right all along? Really, this list triggers a bunch of questions right?

Well let me share a story that will show you how truly committed I am to my health.

I was at our fabulous mall the other day. I was with a girlfriend and just strolling in and out of stores. It was nice, I had only one of the daughters that I heart with me so it was quite manageable. We meandered into the chocolatier named Godiva. What a great place; it smells and looks divine. The truflles are precisely placed within the glass case with the utmost of care, making them look more like jewelry and less like "just" chocolate. The gold boxes and ribbons strewn about are very inviting and just scream luxury and decadence. I start to chat it up with the sales girl and and begin to discuss chocolate and flavors and the such. All of a sudden (don't know if it was the endorphins running amuck), almost as if it was an out of body experience I ask her "are you hiring"? She smiles and says, "why, yes we are". She continues and says "only for part time though. I am looking for someone just a couple of nights a week". I smile wider and say "may I have an application please?" I take it and put it in my purse. As I walk out of the store, I realize that I could potentially be working there.

I get called for an interview the day I turn in my application. I excitedly agree and set up the time. I get dressed for the interview and try to get my head around what questions they will be asking. Thoughts run through my head...I have not worked for the past 4 years,....when I did work it was in mental health and in management....I only worked retail for a few years in college. I feel like I am a bit rusty. I go to the interview anyway.

We were enthralled in conversation and the interview felt like it was going great. I didn't realize how many many skills are transferrable. I also had to use examples from Mommy groups and Blazing Cheesecakes to complement my "tell me a time when you..." examples.

We wind down our convo, she seems happy with the way it went, she asked other pertinent questions like availability and stuff. I say that I am willing to work a couple of nights a week. I start to think that Michael will have to do the dinner/nighttime routine by himself and then I feel bad for him. Then I quickly remember that I would be missing out on the chaos and fun. Then I remember that I will be missing out on the chaos and fun.

I hope I get the job ;) It will be fun to mindlessly sell chocolate and all of the benefits of it :) Of all of my ideas though, I do find this to be one of my most awesome, brilliant, and superb AND moronic, nonsensical, and imbecilic ones. Being around chocolate, and not just any chocolate, Godiva chocolate. Tasting and "training" on all the different types and flavors. Sampling, "learning".

I should have found a job at the gym, or nutrisystem or Jenny Craig.

Oh well, IF I get the job, I will surely let you all know how it is going.


Carrie said...

I suppose the best you can do is hope you'll get tired of eating chocolate before you get fat. HAHA

I worked in a bakery for about a year and unfortunately never got tired of cookies, cakes, pies, biscotti, or anything else. I got fat.

Wait a minute--I was fat already! I think you might be safe!! " )

Carrie said...

p.s. I hope you get the job!!

A Buns Life said...

I could definitely think of worse places to work!! I hope you get it! Maegan said...

Oh I hope you get it!!! It sounds DIVINE!!!

Amy said...

Working with Chocolate sounds heavenly to me! Good luck :)

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Good luck with the job!!!

Threeboys1mommy said...

Woopty WOOT!! I smell a Godiva Chocolate blog giveaway ;-)

Good luck!

Toni said...

good luck, a job working wiht choclate, a couple of nights out of the house some extra money, sounds pretty good:-) And
again working with choclate.

who needs more then that- heck they couldpay me in choclates:-)

Aubrey said...

Mmmmmm! Godiva! My fingers are crossed for you!

Even though it will be hard to miss out on those few hours of blissful chaos, you would SO enjoy the time away. It's been my lifesaver! LOL