Friday, May 31, 2013

Ease on down, ease on down the roooooad

So, I'm into music.  All types.  As long as there is musicality in it, I'm good.  I'm especially into metal.  So much so, I call myself a fancy metal head (isn't that cute?).  My husband is the one who turned me on to it years ago, so we'll call him Mr. Fancy Metal Head.  List that we enjoy.....Alternative metal, Death metal, Christian metal (that I may comically call Resurrection Metal.  JC, don't be angry, you gave me this humor), sludge metal, industrial metal and  finally the ironic mathcore metal (ironic in that the actuary  in the family ((and his fancy wife)) listen to it).  I mean Math Metal?  It is a rhythmically complex and dissonant style of metalcore. Both math rock and mathcore make use of unusual time signatures.  We're actually going to a concert tomorrow night of a band called Killswitch Engage.  Doesn't that sound fun? :)

This post is sooooo not about Metal though.

It's about me driving to the jiffy lube in my car doing this ala Office Space


I got to the place for my emissions test and the music was loud and I was head pumping, steering wheel thumping, hand wavin', dropping it like it was hot (while seated, which is even hotter).  The guy (who was black, by the way) was all smiles (maybe in a ridiculing sort of way, but, I don't really care).  He said "good morning to you" and I said "and to you, kind sir" (in just that accent you read it in).  He laughed and I laughed. 

Then, as I walked past him, I saw this......

and then did what any self respecting person would do......I rubbed the tree stump for good luck!  Hello?  Showtime at the Apollo??  That man about lost his mind.  He laughed and laughed and I swear he checked out my ass to see if I had one because I HAD to be black.  Nope, flat 'ass' can be.

So, that was the beginning of my morning.  How was yours?

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this brand of crazy said...

I love it. Love. It. My car has been telling me I need an oil change and I want to go to the place with a good sense of humor. (Don't make the oil change anything other than what it is.)