Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm really not angry

The kind of shit a parent does and the predicaments that a parent is put in, is really only understood by another parent. I mean even the awesome stuff (to you) is hard to relay. You try to explain to your friends who are single or don't have children about your activities or doings with your family/children and they want to understand you and they want to share in your experiences, but, they just can't. I mean, I couldn't when I didn't have kids.

I actually said to my friends once, "I know you have three kids, but I work and go to school and I make the time to call you". Ummm, no. Dearest old Barbie-without-children, it isn't the same. At all. Your friend was in a whirlwind of activity and could not eke out the time to talk to you (without interruption). What your friend wasn't telling you back then (amongst so many other things) was that she barely shaved anymore, and took showers now, not baths.

I had a friend tell me the other day...."My husband and I have been so crazy busy. We have had like NO TIME to ourselves. We've been to two birthday parties, and a wedding and we even had to go out to have drinks with some old friends that passed through town". I had to literally hold back tears and laughter concurrently. Michael and I DREAM of being that wonderfully busy again. We used to have Saturdays and Sundays and M-o-r-n-i-n-g-S all to ourselves. We did with them what we pleased, and never what we didn't. We'd "complain" about how we were "tired of eating brunch at the same place" and other ridiculous statements like that.

Another friend (sans bundles of joy) said to me "I got out of bed so. early. last saturday, 9:00am, for no good reason either". No, see....9:00am is already mid morning snack at my house. Puzzles have been constructed, train tracks have been made and trains have ridden on them, toast has been buttered, dust busters have been used and a time out or two have already been doled out. In fact, we wake up sooooo early in my house, that we can't even go out drinking or dancing the night before (and enjoy it) because I am perpetually calculating the maximum amount of hours I will sleep that night.

Now, I didn't want to this to be a bitch post because, well, that's tacky. And all of you know how much we enjoy our spectacular girls.

In conclusion (not really, b/c you know I'll talk about this again)....

Today, I had my newly 3 year old daughter brush my hair, with this....

during her 5 year old sister's ice skating lessons. You ask (well not all of you)...but why? that's gross? but I don't get it, she brushed your hair with the stem of her snack? ewwwww.

It kept her quiet for 20 minutes. 20. minutes.

So, don't worry, I'm really not angry, I just wanted to post what I was feeling today.

What are some things that you cannot believe that you do now that you have kids and if you're reading and don't have kids...what will "you never do?"

PS....please, please, please (I promise to not laugh) write me when you find yourself doing JUST that :))))))


SarahIsabel said...

This post is 100% awesome. Maybe because I'm reading it at 8 in the am on Sunday and I've already been awake for 3 hours?
One thing I thought I would never do pre-kids? I never thought I'd find myself sitting on the edge of the tub at 7:15 in the morning while someone lays across my lap with her shitty ass in the air demanding a wipey.


Jelly said...

I never thought I would have three kids and still get to sleep in on weekdays until 8am.


Debbie said...

I would love it if LRY would brush my hair with anything for 20 minutes. Grape stem, a twisted & chewed up straw, rotted roadkill carcass.

I never thought I would sit for hours in the car in random parking lots just because the kid had finally fallen asleep and I couldn't bear to wake her. I never thought I would sleep in my car during my lunch break at work. I never thought I would have a problem getting my kid to eat. After all, I'd armed myself with a couple seasons of Super Nanny. I never thought that I'd have to convince my husband that my lack of libido post-kid had nothing to do with him.

And Jelly, I'm sending Lily to your house for a week. She was up this morning at 4:45 convinced that it was time to start the day.