Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tell 'er

At the bank the other day, I know can you believe I decided to actually go to one? Hadn't been to one in years...but I needed to go to the teller b/c I had lost my check/atm card and needed money.

Anyhow, Athena is asking ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY questions (those who have met her know that I am understating that number) about the transaction, who she is, what she is doing, what am I doing, what's the suburban next to us doing, etc. We begin to drive off (as Athena yells from her window..."Thank you, tube lady"!! and this conversation ensues...

ABA- is she staying there?

me-yes, she works there.

ABA-works there?

me-yeah, like daddy works.

ABA-daddy works in downtown, not here.

me-true, but, well, everyone works and has some sort of job.

ABA- is that her job? I'm the trash helper in class this week.

me- well, she works at the bank. She helps people like me get to their money. She sends it in the tube.

ABA- oh. i want to work.

me- you do? where do you want to work?

ABA- ummmm. Subway.

me- Subway?

ABA- yes.

me- why do you want to work at subway?

ABA- so I can help people make choices.

me- choices? like what?

ABA- white or wheat? and what kind of cheese they want.

Shall I go and deposit the college fund back at the bank, I ask myself.


~Corey said...

LOL! Don't worry. At her age, my big ambition was to be a school bus driver.

Jelly said...

Athena is a giver. ;)

I was a 'tube lady' once. LOVED working the drive-thru. Except this on time, when one of our tellers was robbed in the lobby. The lobby closed, but the drive-thru stayed open. So wasn't fair. ;D

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Love the giving choices like white or wheat. lol

Well you know what mines wants to be but she hasn't decided what paying job she wants to have. ;)

yogi afrianto said...

nice posting

SarahIsabel said...

better than aspiring to the pole.

My kid sister worked at Subway for a year. The horror stories she can tell about the bathrooms there...

Rachel said...

Dear God, that was awesome.

Lana D said...

Lana wants to be a flaming hula hoop performance artist. I knew I never shoulda taken her to that show!