Sunday, April 18, 2010

She wants to lead.... the Glamorous Life......

There are spurts of instances when I catch a glimpse of my old self. These are the times when I am dressed in a sexy get up, or have on some fancy shoes (you know the ones that clack... a term coined by 4 year old's best friend), or am having a political, cultural, or adult conversations with others, or when people say "I didn't know you were a mom". I love that. Only because it means I must look clean and composed, is all :)

These events seldom happen, but I find them to be interwoven in my daily life much more frequently now than when I first had my 4 year old (when spit up, crap, nursing bras, drool, food, etc was the fashion I was donning. I couldn't help it. As cool and glamorous as I was in my pre-baby world, I just didn't make the transition all that well.

So, as I had just started to get gussied up again, we decide to have another baby. We figure we should do this so that we don't get too accustomed to the make up, dresses, traveling, parties, and date nights we had started up again. Back in the state of perpetual casual/lounge wear I go. We have our beloved 2nd and I seem to know more, and realize that I don't have to run for the Mayor of Frumpsville for another term. I sit it out and really try my darndest to get my sassy back, quicker.

Then, on a night like yesternight, I realize that the "ebb and flow" of our re-entry into one of the "pages" of our old life, is less subtle than that and can be much more like the shock of the cooler they toss on the coach's head after a winning game. Let me tell you about it.

Cue in uber cool restaurant with a sleek, minimalist and stylish decor, fantastic menu, libations, etc. This bar/restaurant is frequented by Houston's hippest and has a very cool scene. It was given the title of "best bar" by playboy magazine....need i go on? Y'all got it, right? We enjoy it to the utmost. Convos, drinks and food were excellent.

Fast forward to the very end of the night. Standing at the valet station (with a gazillion hot looking houstonites), I am feeling so happy and sexy and fun and soooo not a "mom". One of my cool and hip momma friends remembers that she has to give me something so that I can use it with Saylor (my 2 year old), so she goes into her trunk and pulls out a big ol' wooden potty chair (this one to be exact)

and hands it to me. In front of everyone.

Can you feel the ice cold water on your head? Yeah, me too. I couldn't help but literally laugh out loud as I grabbed it from her, thanked her and waited for my car to be pulled up to the valet area.

I would not change that experience for the world though. Seriously.

As sheila e. said.......

without ain't ain't much


SarahIsabel said...

good story, but find it unlikely you were able to conjure up the gatorade shower from personal experience. That involved wikipedia or NPR.

Ducky said...

That sounds horrifically hilarious! You sure won't forget about the evening any time soon...including hair, make-up, dress, & shoes...AND the potty. I love the vintage potty, though.