Friday, December 19, 2008

Old School Rewind.....

Once a week I will re-post an old blog entry for your enjoyment(yes, I am trying to pass this off as creative when really it is pure laziness that has prompted the new idea)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stop the MamaRazzi

Pictures, pictures and more pictures is what I take of these three (really the two wee ones). I should have the ol' camera surgically implanted just for the ease of carrying. Athena hears the sound of the shutter opening and she looks up to smile. I have to muffle that sound if I want to catch a candid. Saylor is headed in the same path I reckon. I think Saylor is going to be a little more difficult (see how she is flipping me the bird in this one?) She is being subtle, but I can read between the lines.

Saylor is one active little galleta. She is going to be 5 months and she is already scooting, rolling over (both ways...we call that bi-rolling), gets up in the crawl position but doesn't do much more than rocking. If I place her down anywhere she manages to scoot away. I left her in the middle of this mat and went to the bathroom when I came back she was like this. I found her under the futon last week. I didn't take a picture because I freaked out :)

To sum it all up today...there really is no stopping the MamaRazzi. Unless of course my kids pull a Bjork or a Cameron Diaz on me then all bets are off. Oh, who am I kidding...I would still persevere. It's the Italian in me.

Happy Hump Day,


The Wife O Riley said...

I do that on Saturdays, I call it Flashback Saturdays. You can do it that day too, and we can make it a thing and then everyone will be doing it. :)

When my oldest was 9 months old we took her for a check-up. The doctor shined that light in her eyes and she actually started to pose. That's when I knew we took too many pictures.

Dave said...
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Dave said...

My kids soak up the lime light, too. They love making up poses and trying on new costumes.

My oldest flipped us off in a picture when he was a newborn. I'd post it, but my mother-in-law would be offended. Every once in a while my hubby and I pull it out to get a good laugh.

:) Tiffani

Rachel said...

lol, under the futon!?! oh boy mama, you are in for it!

Rachel said...

doh, just realized that post was from June. Dude, is she running marathons now?

Eudea-Mamia said...

My Youngest has gone from a ham, to some type of celebrity sprinting from the harassing camera - WTH?! I keep trying to sneak up on him, but he just screams "Nooooooooooo" and shoves a hand in my face. Nice.

And I adore the name Saylor!!

Aubrey said...

I think you're on to something woman! I am going to start doing the same thing. LOL

Oh wow. Look at how much they have changed in just these few, short months.