Friday, May 30, 2008

oh, think twice, cause its another day in paradise

This what I find this morning when I peer over the side of our awesome Ikea crib that abu and mimi got sayer girl(what athena calls her)...yep a smiley, happy, ready for the world baby...again. Athena used to wake up like this too. I just can't resist this gummy smile though, gotta say. What she doesn't realize is that we are late for our walking date with cindiana jones and ll cool j (also known as Cindy and Juliana).

Athena loves to come in and say hello to saylor in the mornings....she races to get to her room and then to climb up onto her crib. She makes funny noises and starts cooing at her saying "good mornin' sayer girl", "howya doing", and my fav "ugh...spit mama, clean sayer". Too cute. Anyhow, Athena is in a moms day out program thrice a week. She loves it and I love it even more. They think she is the cat's meow at her little school and she loves following directions and telling other kids how to do things......first born anyone? My little scorpio is a social and happy thing. She knows everyones name in her class and other classes too. I walk in to pick her up and she says "yay...athena's mommy is here"...talking in third toddler. again, cute :)

So, I am off to work off the McPregnancy weight.


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The Life and Times of Poose and Hawk said...

I love it! I will add it the kids page. I recognize Saylor's outfit from the days of Athena. Have fun, Mcpregnancy-quite funny.