Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bada Bing Badge

So, I've been buying your kids' stuff for years.  I've bought candles, flower bulbs, gift wrap, chocolate bars (with the $1 off pizza hut coupon), popcorn, magazine subscriptions, cookie dough, girl scout cookies, etc.  I've really bought it all.  I mean who doesn't, first off, like to pay retail plus plus for things and also who doesn't want to see their friend's kid win an opportunity to get a pencil or a pizza party?  Right???  Right.

So, it's MY turn.  As you know from THIS post, we're now involved in the mafia, er, cult, er club, er...Girl Scouts!  It's cookie time, y'all!  So, I was doing some math and I figured that your best bet using the CPC method (formula used was cost per cookie) for your four dollars are the Shortbread cookies, at $.10 a cookie and you're worst bet (there's a tie) is the Caramel deLites (formerly known as Samoas and MY FAVORITE) and Peanut Butter Patties at $.27 each.  Eat slowly, y'all.

In all seriousness, they ARE delicious and only sold once a year. "And are a girl-led business, where girls can develop five essential skills
  • Goal setting
  • Decision making
  • Money management
  • People skills
  • Business ethics
During cookie activities, girls are members of a team working toward a common goal, with each girl striving to do her best. Girls set cookie goals to support their chosen activities for the year, like funding community service projects, attending summer camp or even traveling. So when your local Girl Scouts come calling with this year's best-selling cookies, remember you're saying hello to tomorrow's business leaders".   Thanks, GS website!!

Now, times are a changin' though and you must keep up.

Now, you're jonesing these cookies I so deliciously sold in my post, and you don't know how to get them (obviously you're an agoraphobe and don't step foot out of your house into places like the supermarket or a church)?  No problem.   There is a girl scout cookie finder app for your iPhone.  Yep. Girl Scout Cookie Finder uses your iOS device’s GPS to track down cookies for sale around you. The app brings you listings of places you can procure Girl Scout cookies by proximity and provides addresses, phone numbers, and directions.

What did you say?  You're afraid of having left over girl scout cookies in your house? NO problem, here is a link for 10 clever recipes for girl scout cookies including this one for Grasshopper Milkshakes....

So, hit me up on facebook, or comment on this blog post so that I can get you your coveted and beloved girl scout cookies!!!

and remember..........

and of course, this little ditty I absolutely love...

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