Friday, September 23, 2011

There are the Doers and the Buyers

and never the twain shall meet.  This is the way that I categorize my mom friends...or maybe just my friend friends.  Nothing brings this more to light and the disparity between the two than good ol' halloween.  My daughter asked to be a cardinal for halloween (I quickly realized that it was not the leading dignitary of the Roman Catholic Church, nominated by the pope, but, the bird).  My first thoughts were 1. where do I buy that, 2. can I buy it off of the St. Louis Cardinals' website, 3. how much is this damn thing going to cost, 4. I need a coupon code for costume stores......and the frenetic thoughts continued. So, I'm telling my friends (here is where the divide is so apparent) and some of their eyes light up......(and their frenetic and oh-so-crafty minds begin)..."you are going to have SO much fun doing it.  well, you could get a red leotard, and you can get wings and glue feathers, yes, beautiful red feathers.  And of course you'll need tights and oh my gosh maybe a red shaggy haired wig.  Then a beak, you'll need  a can go and get ice cream cones and then have her string it to her......"   I tune out a bit, but, am marveled at them (yes, plural, more than one). I listen and look on like this

It doesn't faze them, bless their hearts, they are so awesomely passionate about it. When I tell them, "thanks (insert one of the MANY names of people that were jazzed about doing it themselves), but hell no will I be doing it myself".  I'm buying that bitch. 

After their

look back at me, I quickly realize that we are who we are and that's all there is to it.  

My inutility and uselessness does not end there, birthday parties are in this category too.  I don't make jack.  I buy it all at etsy (where the doers dwell), while my mom friends are baking cakes, taking classes to bake said cake (if they have a challenging theme), making homemade invitations, blah blah blah.  While I do covet these folks so very much, I am immediately thinking who can bake, and decorate cake or cupcakes, where I can order invitations from, and if there is enough money in the budget to have a photographer at the party, because I can't be bothered.

So really what I have just realized whilst blogging is that the doers and buyers are really the ying and yang, the cookies and milk, the wind beneath my cardinal wing.  Symbiotic relationship, fo shizzle.  Well shoot, I'm part of an ecosystem.  Cool, I don't feel so useless now.

So, there are the "doers" and the "have somebody else do it' ers" and I am perfectly ok being the latter.  We all have a place in this big, wide world.  Moral of the story...tally up the prices of the material, gas to get to the store, and the creativity fee, and I'll buy it from you.


Caty said...

I can see both sides of this. I am a doer/wanna be buyer. I have grand visions of things to do but am too lazy to carry them out and I would love to buy things but my bank differs in opinion as to what I can actually afford.

I do so love Walmart and Target for clearance and buying dress up clothes on the cheap. Serenity is going as super girl because we got it for like 3 bucks last year and I still get to pick what she goes as. :)

mbhill14 said...

If you let them watch more TV they'd ask to be a highly commercialized cartoon figure you can find at any store. ;)

Katharine said...

OMG I love the Dangerfield reference..... hilarious!!! As a acknowledged Do-er....(I may even be referenced in this blog ;) I need to let you know that we feel immense guilt if we don't, and then overcompensate - it's a sickness. The projects that you see are built up guilt bombs from the Valentine's Day party we swung by Kroger and bought decorated cookies for (gasp!) and the birthday that we skipped entirely (whaaaaat!?!!) and we are secretly envious of the ease with which Buyers just buy a costume, hire the caterer, stop by the bakery. Yin and Yang indeed - takes a village baby.

Lisa Tognola said...

I'm in your camp. I spend all my free time writing, so I don't make costumes. I don't make cupcakes. Heck, I don't even make my bed . . .

wondermommas said...

Love this post :)

I'm somewhere in the middle Barbie.

The Martha Stewart in me was born when my baby was born. It was funny, suddenly I wanted to knit and crochet and make clothing and make things with my hands!

Now with Soleil getting into everything and me having to constantly watch and engage her, if I don't already know how to do/make/create something I don't have the desire to learn it right now. So, you put that cardinal on your charge card momma! And do it with a big smile on your face! :)

The Gould Family said...

"I'm buying that bitch." Amen.

Corey said...

OMG, Grady wants to be a centaur for Halloween and there is NOT ONE to be had anywhere on the internet. What is a buyer mom to do?

Jelly said...

I'm just a complainer.

SarahIsabel said...

1. thanks for the reminder to come back and read my favorite blog

2. I believe at least one of your friends suggested a very logical location IN HOUSTON for cardinal gear. Ahem.

3. You can *always* afford at least a second rate photographer at any of your gigs. Ahem ahem.