Thursday, April 7, 2011

I really f%&*@ it up this time

Athena is 5.  Athena reads.   Reads really well.   She is into chapter books and spelling and just all around interested in reading, words, and their relationship with us.

So, whats shes been doing lately is grabbing the cd booklets and singing along to songs in the car.  It's awesome, to hear her little voice just singing the words.  This is something that I can't do, because I seem to be missing that gene.  You know the one.  The one that sings the correct lyrics, knows song titles, etc. I'm all about how the song feels and how it makes me feel.  Unlike people, like my sister, who are totally into wooooords, their meeeeaning and composition, blah blah blah.

Well, my name is Barbie and I am addicted to Mumford and Sons.  Listening to it non stop recently.  Never ever paid attention to the words (I know, a sacrilege to those of you who 1. listen to lyrics, 2. think of it more like poetry). 

Now to bring it all home.....

Imagine me and the girls driving with the windows down in our car, with Mumford and Sons blaring and Athena reading/singing along to Little Lion Man.  All of sudden I hear her say  "but it was not your fault but mine and it was your heart on the line, I really fucked it up this time, didn't I, my dear?  Then I hear Saylor repeat it and all of a sudden, BOTH girls are all singing along loudly "but it was not your fault but mine
and it was your heart on the line,  I really fucked it up this time, didn't I, my dear?  At first I was like whoa, THAT'S what it says, then I was like whoa, THAT'S what it SAYS??? I didn't want to react to it obviously, but I knew the question was coming......

and then there it was...

Athena- Mama, what does "fucked it up this time" mean.

Saylor- "fucked it up this time?"

speaking to myself......Barbie, don't fully acknowledge (just like that you haven't blogged for two months)

Me- It means they really messed up, made a mistake.

Saylor- Oh.

Athena- messed up? what do you mean?

Me- no more calm, cool and collected pep talk   Ok, listen, it's a "boss" word.  Only to be used by adults.  In fact, lets just listen to another song.

Athena- No, no, I want to hear #7, the "fucked up song".

Me- Athena, that is an adult word.  Please don't repeat it.

Athena- Oh, only bosses can say it?

Me- Yes, love.

Athena- So, only bosses drink coffee, martinis, wine and soda, and can say the words "fucked up this time"?

Me- oh my god.   Yes, love.


For the rock dwellers....


Sarah Marie & Adam Robert said...

That is tooooo FUNNY! I am laughing sooo hard!

Jelly said...

Yes.......unfortunately the Sirius radio gets turned off when this song comes on. However, it's GREAT motivation to listen to it whilst working out with your iPod!!

Cindy said...

LOL! awesome! that's what you get for having such brains! inevitable!

Debbie Y said...

Laughin' my butt off here. I want to share Mumford & Sons with Lily, because I'm sure she would totally dig it. But it's specifically for this reason that I have avoided it.

Instead, I let her listen to the track on the Jason Mraz CD where he says stuff like "you make my slacks a little tight, you may unfasten them if you like" and "climb into my mouth now." Wondering how long I can claim ignorance when she asks me what those things mean.

Ducky said...

Classic! LOL!!!

Erin said...

Bosses drink soda and wine and martinis.... HILARIOUS.

I love you.

Anonymous said...

This post is brilliant. First one I read and I LOVE IT! :)

Yassy said...

So funny!

The Gould Family said...

Hilarity. Love it.

SarahIsabel said...

Last week Rose & Esther's favorite song was Fuck You by C.Lo Green.