Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Necessity is the Momma of all Invention

As y'all know I have a three year old. I am a huge fan of the 3 day potty training method by Lori Jenson. I had my 5 year old "trained" in 2.5 days when SHE was three, so I know it will work. The only thing is that it is a pretty intense 3 days. You and your partner (or care provider) have to buckle down for a few days for potty boot camp. It is intense, and exhausting, but super worth it.

So, back to my new 3 year old. I had planned on finishing with the diapers that I had just bought at Disneyworld, er, Costco before beginning the "training". About 4 days ago, my husband says "hey, we need diapers, I am going to stop and get some" and I said "Nooooooooo, don't. I'm waiting for these to finish so that I can start with Saylor". He said "oh, great idea, ok".

So, well, life gets fast and there are oversights here and there of course, there are also unanticipated things that come up, right? right.

Cue in last night....................

We are sorta yelling to each other because Michael is downstairs and I'm upstairs, playing Jenga or something.

Michael- Are there any diapers up there?

Me- No, none up here. Why?

Michael- Well, I need one for Saylor.

Me- Oh shoot, I forgot that we were going to start after these diapers were gone. Check the school bag.

Michael- checked, there aren't any in there. I'll just go get some.

Me- *while balancing my tower* No, no! I'm going to train her soon. Just, check the car.

Michael-not in the trunk, babe.

Me- Glove compartment (well, I'm in Texas, so "gun compartment")?


Me-oh my gosh. What do we do???????

MacGyver-Don't worry guys. I've got it.......


It was all we had. Her sister's panty and one of my sanitary napkins. I adhered it to the underwear and let it flap its wings. Michael was in disbelief. I think he thought I was pre. tty. cool. Saylor was laughing when I put it on her, but she still wore it throughout the night! I love what a cool cat she is. The best part is that it actually worked!

I mean isn't that what a diaper is? A sanitary napkin shaped underwear?

So, here I am sharing this information with the blogosphere. If I can help just one parent, then I've done my job.

Anyhow, needless to say, we did it once more when we changed her this morning, but Michael ended up going to buy a small pack to get us to the weekend.


01123581321345589144 said...

I pity the fool!

Oh wait, that's not MacGyver, right?

Jelly said...

HA! Good thing you have those BOATS!!! ;oP

SarahIsabel said...

oh my lord....

Debbie said...

Tears. I have tears.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. I'm laughing out loud.

Yassy said...

You are brilliant!