Saturday, October 9, 2010

Athena-ism #492

Conversation in the car

Me- I was thinking that we should have cupcakes for your birthday.

Her- I don't want cupcakes, I want a cake.

Me- Well, I was thinking cupcakes so that you could pass them around to your friends (plus it would be a hella easier to cut, clean, serve. And they would be infinitely cheaper than a cake) .

Her- But, I want a cake.

Me-Ok, yeah, ok, sounds good (I start thinking about picking one up at costco the day before party).

Silence in the car (don't see much of this action. ever)

Her- I want it to be black. With two astronauts holding hands. one is me and one is saylor.

more silence in the car

Her- and I want Jupiter on it. Yes, JUPITERrrrrrrr.

Long pause and more silence.

Me- (in tears thinking how HARD this would be) cupcakes are so much fun, they're like mini cakes, so each person can have one of their very own.

Her- No, I want a cake. Please.


So it'll look like this....but with a black background....two astronauts.....holding hands....Athena instead of Xander....and Jupiter.....the fifth planet from the sun and the solar system's largest.

Easy as cake. :(


simplebeauty said...

good luck :)
im sure it will look great, very imaginative

kamentutor said...

ha! that will be awesome!!

Mrs Y said...

Wow. Good luck with that. I love her imagination, though. I think it's about time to sign her up for cake decorating lessons.

Jelly said...

Yup. Got your hands full with that one!

Aubrey said...

HA! How cute. It's going to be a great cake!

Lana D said...

that looks like a super awesome cake!

SarahIsabel said...

omg how did I miss this. Did you do it??