Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

How did we celebrate cinco de mayo this year you ask? Well, with cupcakes of course. Some people do tequila, some do margaritas, some do mariachi. We, did cupcakes.

It is Athena Blaze's official half birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Sassafras turned 3 and half.

So, what does a newly branded 3.5 year old get to do that day?

Yep, have cupcakes with pals at 3:30pm.

Happy Half Birthday Boober!


Valerie said...

What fun! Love cup cakes I did a post the other day with my 18 month old grandson. He had cup cake all over his face.

Aubrey said...


Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Yesterday was my boy's birthday and we had cupcakes at 10:30 a.m! Good stuff!

Rachel said...

Can't decide which sounds better right now....cupcakes or margaritas.

Happy half b-day!